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Self-realization of the student's personality in the process of learning and cognitive activity: theoretical and empirical research

- Мар’яненко, Л.В. (2017) Self-realization of the student's personality in the process of learning and cognitive activity: theoretical and empirical research Київський науково-педагогічний вісник, 12 (12). pp. 64-73. ISSN 2307-8060

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On the basis of the theoretical review, it is concluded that self-realization of the personality presages self-determination (self-causality and self-directedness), after which self-realization is realized, and, finally, self-development of the personality as a productive developmental effect of self-realization. It indicates the criteria for self-determination: a sense of freedom, independence in choice, spontaneity, creativity, passion for business. For this, a person must have high potentials: spiritual, moral, personal, self-fulfilling. Qualities that block self-realization, such as the motivation for avoiding failures, different neurotic deviations of the personality are singled out, for example: sensitivity to threats of the personal “I”, development of self-doubt. Among the factors of blockade of self-realization, there is also such a phenomenon as scarcity, defined as experiencing a deficit while satisfying the basic needs of the individual. Empirically defined are the qualities that reduce the blockade of self-realization (internality in the field of achievements, constructivism of worldview moderating, autonomous causal orientation, high family organization, internalization of higher family values). According to the factor analysis, the blockade of student self-realization in the process of learning and cognitive activity impersonal causal orientation, amotivating motivation (motivation, disorganizing activity); the predominance of external motivation (prestige, primacy, material encouragement) is the terminology of R. Ryan and E. Desi.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Self-realization, self-determination, personal potential, self-fulfilling potential, favorable and unfavorable conditions of self-determination, blockade of self-realization, diagnostics of self-determination and self-realization of the student's personality in the process of cognitive learning activity
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Synytsya department of education
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