The problem approach to a personality experience constructing

- Смульсон, Марина Лазарівна (2020) The problem approach to a personality experience constructing Актуальні проблеми психології: Том: Психологічна герменевтика, 12 (2). pp. 41-57. ISSN 2072-4772

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The article shows that the task (problem) of optional self-development, independently set and solved by an adult, is the mediator of the connection between the processes of personalityexperience constructing and self-development . It was found that the experience constructing is the aspect of self-development, and this process is logically consided in the context of a problem-based approach to activity and life in general as a set of activity processes of different content and form. This approach complements the post-classical discursive consideration of the personalityexperience constructing, because the description of the process of discursive constructing can be carried out in various forms, and, in particular, in the form of the problem solving. It is determined that the sources of problems and tasks are the so-called gaps (or "backlashes") in the activity, while distinguishing between task and problem. A task is one that has the means to solve it, while a problem arises when there is a goal and no means to achieve it, so the problem solving ends with the creation of new meansand their using. The task differs from the problem situation too. It is awared by the subject, objectified and often described verbally or in another symbolic (numerical, graphical) form. Independent problem statement is an ontological substrate of the intellectual initiation as metacognition. The main stages of the problem «life» from its findingin the activity by a subject to the probable solution are analyzed: such as problem situation, problematization, problem,intellectual initiation as an independent problem statement, search for means of solution, task situation, task as a system, task structure (means of solution are found and verbalized) and, finally, a conscious solution process, which may end by a solution and often reaches it if the means have been identified adequately. These stages of the personalityexperience constructing by an elderly person in a problem situation of age-related memory deficits are considered. This analisis proves that the start of the process of intellectual initiation is prereflexive and prediscursive, but discursive means are beginning to play a leading role in the subsequent process of experience constructing. The additional definition of problem is one of discursive means, for example , the problem reformulation from a negative setting to a positive one: from the compensation of the memory deficiency to the memory development or even to the intellectual development.

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Keywords: self-development, personalityexperience constructing, problem, task, intellectual initiation, old age, memory deficiency
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