Personal traits supporting positive relations with others

- Chaika, G.V. ( (2020) Personal traits supporting positive relations with others Український психологічний журнал, 1 (13). pp. 223-237. ISSN 2520-6265

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The article examines the psychological qualities and characteristics that support positive relations with others as they are understood in C.Ryff’s model of psychological well-being and compares them with those personal qualities that usually understood as supporting an individual’s personal autonomy. To solve this task, we used the corresponding scale from the Ryff's Scales of Psychological Well-being; the Test of Meaningful Life Orientation of D.A. Leontiev; Test-Questionnaire of Self-Attitude of V.V. Stolyn, S.R. Panteleyev; Self-Efficacy Scale proposed by R. Schwarzer and M. Jerusalem (adapted by V.G. Romek), S. Maddi's Hardiness Scale (adaptated of D.A. Leontiev et al.), the Self-Actualization Test (CAT), the self-expression scale from the self-determination test of Osin E. et al. In total, 150 respondents - students of Kyiv universities participated in the research. The study data show that there are strong correlations between positive relations with others and such personal traits as life process and life results and other indicators of meaningfulness of life; self-expression, which reveals whether life is experienced as consistent with one’s own desires, needs and values; self-respect and expected attitudes of others and several other indicators of self-attitude and general scale of self-attitudes; self-actualizing value and psychological hardiness. The predictors of successful positive relations are commitment, expected attitudes of others, self-expression and self-respect, existing life goals and positive life results. High locus of control on self and control as a factor of psychological hardiness can prevent from development of warm, good and deep relations. The obtained results show that there is a line of personal characteristic that support personal autonomy and positive relations with others, namely, self-expression, self-respect, life-goals. That is why we cannot argue the idea that personal autonomy and positive relations with others are totally opposite personal traits and that need in autonomy can is fulfilled by neglecting relationships with others.

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Keywords: psychological well-being, positive relations with others, meaningful life orientations, self-attitude, self-actualization, psychological hardiness, self-expression
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