The Tendencies of Development of Methods of Teaching the Ukrainian Literature in Secondary Schools (Second Half of XX – Beginning of XXI Century)

- Яценко, Таміла Олексіївна (2017) The Tendencies of Development of Methods of Teaching the Ukrainian Literature in Secondary Schools (Second Half of XX – Beginning of XXI Century) Other thesis, Київський університет імені Бориса Грінченка.


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The dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the doctor of pedagogical Sciences, specialty 13.00.02 – theory and methods of teaching (The Ukrainian literature). – Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, Kyiv, 2017. The thesis deals with the formation and tendencies in development of methods of teaching Ukrainian literature as a system of scientific knowledge, the operation of which is accompanied by the evolution of the scientific content of the methodological knowledge and its productive use in the school literary teaching. The interpretation of the term «development trends of methods in teaching the Ukrainian literature» is proposed, which is defined as a systematic complex of qualitative changes in the content, methods and forms, which are characteristic of the subject didactics of the specific historical period and leading scientists of the education. Philosophical and cultural, literary, psychological and pedagogical factors of the influence on the development of school literary education different historical periods are solved. The periodization of the subject methodology considering cultural-historical, socio-political and pedagogical factors is proposed for the first 47 time. The contribution of the progressive leaders of education and culture in various periods during the formation of the Ukrainian methodical ideas is considered. There’s a review of progressive achievements of scientists-methodologists of 50-60s and the pre-reform period of methods development in teaching literature (70s-early 80s) that was of fundamental importance for the further development of methods in teaching the Ukrainian literature, namely: adoption of the principle of students’ creative activity as active participants in the educational process; strengthening of the literary aspect in literature teaching; the examination of art works based on the principles of unity of form and content; differentiation of stages in learning the artistic works; approval of the traditional and current ways of analysis of the literary work; the actualization of the problem of aesthetic education by means of artistic expression. It is certified the performance development of methodical ideas during school reform (80s-early 90-ies of the XXth century) in particular regarding the priority of ideas of developmental education; the development of typology of literature lessons; the analysis of the structural elements of the work; the problem of studying the art of the word; the unity of the substantial and formal aspects of the learning process; the interdisciplinary connections. We characterize the conditions and directions of methods in teaching the Ukrainian literature development during the period of the national school in Ukraine reconstructing (90th XX century. – the first years of the twenty-first century), in particular those focused on the process of updating curricula and school textbooks Ukrainian literature on the principles of national education; deepening the school analysis of art works, actualization of ideas for developing the training aimed at improving the logical and figurative students-readers’ thinking, development of skills of independent educational activity; the use of evaluation as an important factor of quality of school literary education; continuing professional development for teachers of the language and literature and their professional skill. The achievements of the newest methods in the Ukrainian literature teaching are analyzed as well as the priority vectors of development in the conditions of the information society in the early twenty-first century are identified. The expediency of the systemic approach at teaching the literature in school, which correlates with the systematization of contents and forms of learning and efficient organization of subject-subject (inter subject) interaction at the lesson of the Ukrainian literature is justified. The problem of standardization of the content of school literary education is explored. The standards as the main tools to ensure the quality of literary education are analyzed. The curriculum in the Ukrainian literature is reviewed, gradual strengthening of trends as for requirements to the content and volume of literature course, the use of effective methods and forms of education, ideological analysis of art works in the process characteristics of the image system, improvement of methodology in evaluation of students’ educational achievements are evidenced. 48 The personality-oriented teaching of the Ukrainian literature is proven. The specifics of personality-oriented lesson of the Ukrainian literature are revealed, which serves as an evident in the understanding of student priority as a subject of study and helps to focus on his personal achievements in the process of organizing literary study. The accent is made on the competence paradigm of modern school literary education as one of the key trends of its development. The interpretations of the definition "reading competence" as an integrated component of students ' achievements, a set of core conscious students knowledge and skills stipulated in the specific literature of the subject and school course of literature in general as a system of values and philosophical orientations formed on the material of art works, as well as the ability of students to purposeful conscious perception and application of subject knowledge and skills to new learning and situations is presented. The proposed understanding of a subject of the reader's competence as a set of subject specific competences (general cultural, in fact the reader, value-ideological, communicative-speech, information-communication) and a presents their characteristics. Productive updating methods of teaching the Ukrainian literature are identified as the use of information and communication technologies. The gradation of ICT, methodological expediency of introduction which confirms the improvement of the quality of the modern school literary education is widely represented. It substantiates theoretical and methodological bases of specialized literary study. The work shows the chronological consideration of the ideas of special education. The specificity of the literary elective courses is considered. Basing on the analysis of pedagogical and methodological ideas of leading domestic and foreign scientists, the progressive leaders of education and culture, which provided the scientific basis of school literary education, we define expressive key issues of the subject methods in different periods of its development both in substance and in procedural aspects, scientifically based development of methods in teaching the Ukrainian literature.

Item Type: Thesis (Other)
Keywords: methodology of teaching the Ukrainian literature, secondary schools, trend, literary school education, systematic approach, standardization of school literary education, personally oriented training, competence-based paradigm of school literary education, information and communication technology training, the specialization of school literary education, analysis of artworks, the student-reader, the reader's competence.
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