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Interaction between needs and felicities in development of a creatively gifted person

- Музика, О. Л. (2014) Interaction between needs and felicities in development of a creatively gifted person Актуальні проблеми психології: Збірник наукових праць Інституту психології імені Г.С. Костюка НАПН України (20). pp. 213-228. ISSN 2072-4772

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Provisions on the leading part in a person’s consumer scope concerning a certain personality pattern formation, namely a creatively gifted person, are established in the article. Personal equation in abilities enables to select and develop deliberately those felicities, by which human needs are met with lesser efforts. Identification of needs and their classification are briefly investigated. The author’s creatively gifted person’s needs classification is provided. The most common – dichotomous division of needs: vital and personal. Personal ones, by the same token, are divided into social (for recognition), cognitive and creative (cognitive needs for development and creative work), existential (needs for subjectness, self-identity, purpose of life). The need for recognition is formed in dealing with inferiority complex and person’s advancement in their own inherent value. Creative achievements are treated as a single convincing argument to recognize a creatively gifted person by the social environment. They are made possible with the interaction among the cognitive need, needs for development and creative work as well as felicities, associated with them. Conscious peculiarities concerning personal meet needs become a fundamental personal identity for a gifted person. The need for a constant development of felicities holds a specific place in the creatively gifted person’s identity structure. Every episode in one need satisfaction actualizes reflexive feelings and metacognitions with the involvement of all other personal needs. The result is personal values – human independent ideas regarding ethical notional conditions and limits of their own needs and pragmatic ways to meet them. Personal values, like constructs of consciousness, become starting points in people’s thoughts concerning purpose of life and play a key part in consumer scope transformations and self-development regulation.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: gifted person, personality pattern, creativeness, development, need for recognition, cognitive and creative needs, existential needs
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of psychology of giftedness
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