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Current Innovations and Trends in the Scientific Education of Gifted Students

- Горбань, Л. В. ( 1964) (2023) Current Innovations and Trends in the Scientific Education of Gifted Students Pedagogical innovation: ideas, realities, perspectives, 1 (30). pp. 72-78. ISSN 2413-4139

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The article singles out social conditions that are unfavorable for life activities, which require a review of established pedagogical approaches to support the development of students՚ giftedness in the process of scientific education. The author's understanding of the essence of full-fledged giftedness of modern student youth is presented. Emphasis is placed on the implementation of the pedagogical principle of the “tripleness of the essential powers of the gifted being”, which consists in the synthesis of bodily, sensory, and verbal knowledge of the environment and causes the maturation of the project-creative giftedness of students. In project creativity, attention is focused on digital technologies for the development of the modern generation of gifted students, prone to a clip-like perception of the environment. The essence of "clip thinking” is formulated as a person's ability to quickly switch between fragments of information that differ in meaning and quickly process it with “multiple intelligence”. The lexical meaning of the English term “multimedia”, which literally translates as “multiple environments”, is explained. It is noted that the multiple intelligence of gifted people with clip thinking should correspond to the multiple environment of modern multimedia pedagogy. The main factors of the development of the innovative direction of “neuronal education”, as well as the challenges of “clip thinking” of the modern generation of gifted students, have been identified. Innovative pedagogical support for the development of students՚ giftedness in scientific education is connected with the STEAM approach. Modern models of teaching gifted students in scientific education are proposed for practical application.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: science education; gifted students; clip thinking; multiple intelligences; multimedia/multiple environments
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 3 Social Sciences > 37 Education > 376 Education, teaching, training of special groups of persons. Special schools > 376.5 Виховання та освіта обдарованих дітей, вундеркіндів.
Divisions: Institute of the gifted child > International Collaboration and Fostering Giftedness Depatment
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