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Support by the international scientific community of Ukrainian researchers under the conditions of marital state

- Калюжна, Т.Г. ( (2022) Support by the international scientific community of Ukrainian researchers under the conditions of marital state Philosophy of education and pedagogy (50). pp. 64-79.

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The publication is devoted to the problem of support by the international scientific community of Ukrainian researchers, scientists in the conditions of military aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Many Ukrainian scientists are forced to stay outside their country. Many European countries, such as Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France and others, provided shelter to Ukrainians, in particular, Ukrainian researchers were offered a variety of programs to continue research work with proper living conditions. The author analyzes some aspects of support and assistance by the international scientific community of Ukrainian researchers. Programs of support, organization and support networks of Ukrainian researchers, students and researchers from all over the world are highlighted. Special attention is paid to the support of Ukrainian researchers by European countries. European Research Network for Signal Transmission (ERNEST) has established an Emergency Fund for Ukrainian researchers: grants for short-term scientific missions to Ukrainian researchers who have recently been displaced due to the war, or to those who can travel to institutions participating in ERNEST COST Action. The purpose of the missions is to carry out a joint research project on topics related to the network. Researchers living in Ukraine are also offered virtual mobility grants to support collaboration with institutions participating in ERNEST COST Action on topics related to the network in a virtual environment. Invaluable assistance to Ukrainian researchers is provided by England, in particular, the University of Essex works with the Council of Scientists at Risk (CARA) to offer support to scientists who are at risk due to the invasion and war in Ukraine. UEssex will also enable Ukrainian students to join the university community through the creation of dedicated scholarships to support current and prospective students, alongside other practical, financial and welfare support currently available to all those affected by the conflict.

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