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The partial program "Item science" for children preschool age

- Васильєва, С.А. ( (2016) The partial program "Item science" for children preschool age Science and education a new dimension. Pedagogy and Psychology, 4(44) (92). pp. 63-68. ISSN 2308-5258

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The article presents the contents, purposes, principles and tasks of the program "presentive natural science" partial author Svetlana A. Vasilieva.. This program is in addition to the invariant part of the contents of educational work with children of preschool age in accordance with the basic component of pre-school education in Ukraine (2012). Created the program for the organization of educational activities of pre-school educational institutions and groups of cognitive priority in order to provide senior preschoolers basic concepts in the field of objective science.The proposed program will contribute to the education of the child's personality in the process of cognition (of course research) activities in collaboration with the teacher and the senior preschool children. It will also facilitate the adaptation of a child to school, in particular, to the perception of substantive content of the program "Natural Science" for grades 1-4 through the understanding of the children significance personal views about the concept and actions with objects, ability to plan, build actions, creatively convert received representations in problem situations and games and to use available methods of cognition of objects and phenomena of nature for the decision of life situations. The process of testing the partial program "presentive natural science" was held within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Shevchenko district in Kyiv state administration and laboratory of pre-school education and upbringing of the Institute of NAPS of Ukraine's education problems in 2015. According to the instructive-methodical letter the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine "On the development of programs for pre-school education" (2013), the program was in the status of experimental. In 2016 testing process is completed and the program recommended by the Academic Council of the Institute of Educational Problems APS of Ukraine to print (Minutes № 6 of 26.05.2016r.), which allowed to disclose its contents. Testing of the program was implemented Vasileva S. A. together with the children of senior preschool age on the basis of the kindergarten № 419 of the Shevchenko district of Kiev. The content and objectives of the partial program "presentive natural science" defined principles: the principle of humanization of the educational process, the integrity, the principle of personal orientation. These principles are scientific achievement of well-known Academician Igor D. Beha. During testing is considered physiological characteristics of children of the senior preschool age. Objectives of the program are aimed to ensure the conditions for the formation of the elementary foundations of the presentive of natural science competency of the child.It is also aimed at creating on accessible level integral natural-science picture of the world, covering a system of knowledge that reflects the laws and patterns of nature. At the same time to provide ideas about the nature of objects, their components, body substances, their properties; transformation and conservation of matter and physical state of matter. Also aimed at familiarization with the methods of cognition of nature (conducting experiments with the aim of knowing the properties of solids and materials, the use of instruments necessary for the knowledge of nature, charts, models). They all executed. Performing these tasks contributed to: preparation of summaries for studies, games, development of problem situations. The above forms of work are provided with accessible to age of children and demo content, distributing, the attribute material to them.Especially promoted account the individual characteristics of each child. Were under scrutiny: the correction content of educational work at the time of its implementation, taking into account the emotional and positive attitude of children to perceive new information, the manifestations of emotional reactions of children in the games, graphic activity, work with diagrams, models, devices for carrying out the experiments, the use of children received ideas and knowledge in everyday life. Today we can say with certainty that a certain number of children of the senior preschool age to get an idea and knowledge in the field of presentive natural science and use them in everyday life. These representations and knowledge can be useful for children when they attend lessons in primary school and will be understood positively perceive the content of the program "Natural Science" grades 1-4. Children continue to use the views and knowledge in different situations. Solving the problem of succession between the content of pre-school and primary education elements in Ukraine, in particular close the issue of receipt of children preschool age physicochemical propaedeutic framework that is put through the study of atomic and molecular structure of matter.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: succession between the content of pre-school and primary education units in Ukraine, natural science subject matter competence of the child, personality-developing environment, problem situations, conditional model of educational activity.
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