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Psychological features of pupils’ mental activity

- Третяк, Т.М. (2017) Psychological features of pupils’ mental activity Актуальні проблеми психології: Збірник наукових праць Інституту пси-хології імені Г.С. Костюка НАПН України. – Т. ХІІ. Психологія творчості, 1 (23). pp. 312-323. ISSN 2072-4772

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The role of information’s structural-functional analysis in mental activity of different age groups’ pupils is figured out. The functioning of main thinking operations is observed: classification, generalization, comparison on the principle of analogy; the main thinking processes: analysis, synthesis, generalization, abstracting, and their role in the pupil’s productive thinking successfulness providing. The dominative functioning of the appropriate mental process from the set of mental processes is grounded, which make the base of pupil’s mental development, according to certain age level (perception, memory, thinking, imagination). The attention is paid on the importance of including to the pupils’ studying content the mastering of instrumental knowledge, of the means of the generalized cognition experience’s important elements’ logical rationalizing, that is didactically preceded inherent to the modern science generalized means of reality’s analysis. The quantitative and qualitative characteristics and instruments of such significant aspect of mental development, as information processing, are analyzed. The specifics of pupils’ mental activity development in the process of tasks solving, connected with the overcoming of a problem, transformation, new information processing or searching, constructing of the searched instrument of its solving, particularly, in new different complicated conditions is described. The question concerning the formation of pupil’s preparedness for new information perception is discussed. The main determinants of inadequate information units’ construction and their system-creative function in the wrong reflection of structural-functional features of the construction elements in the process of task solving project’s formation are analyzed

Item Type: Article
Keywords: thinking, perception, information, task, constructing, strategy.
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of psychology of creativit
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