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The working conception of strategical and tactical overcoming of crisis scientific-educational problems (psychological aspects)

- Моляко, В.О. (2017) The working conception of strategical and tactical overcoming of crisis scientific-educational problems (psychological aspects) Актуальні проблеми психології: Збірник наукових праць Інституту пси-хології імені Г.С. Костюка НАПН України. – Т. ХІІ. Психологія творчості, 1 (23). pp. 6-13. ISSN 2072-4772

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The article presents the positions of working conception of the strategical and tactical overcoming of crisis scientific-educational problems, observes the most prioritative directions in the development of modern science, education and culture considering concrete social-economical conditions, citizens’ moral state, and psychological readiness for an essential overcoming of the negative challenges of the present essential overcoming. It is shown, that the main problem is the problem of psychological unreadiness of separate persons, collectives and society in general for the fast changes, for creative activity in new complicated conditions, for rational actions. The main purposes of science are given. The main of them is to support the level of development of science, allowing to forecast with advance and to solve the tasks of the country’s, society's, people’s development in the conditions of scientific-technical progress and everything related. A principally important aspect of the proposed program is that it is oriented on the development of creativity in each age level, in all spheres. The necessity of the creation of a special institute of creativity, innovative activity problems – of the development of supernew mental technologies, nonstandard task solving, an art of crisis’s overcoming and other is substantiated. For higher educational institutions it is proposed to work on the projecting of new professions in spheres of engineering, biology, medicine, interpersonal relations, an art of therapy and other. The main stress is put on the activity creative strategies’ and tactics’ formation, creative thinking of constructor, that is assumed by the developed system of creative potential’s diagnostics and creative training KARUS. Wide application of CARUS system in the educational process of schools, higher educational institutions for sure will facilitate the formation of the high level of personality’s readiness for all kinds of creative activity.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: the main problems of the present, psychological readiness, KARUS system.
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of psychology of creativit
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