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Development of intelligence and subjectivity of adults in the virtual space

- Смульсон, Марина Лазарівна (2016) Development of intelligence and subjectivity of adults in the virtual space Technologies of intellect development, 2 (13). pp. 1-21. ISSN 2223-0521

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In the article the interconnection of intellect development processes and subject activity of adults in virtual space are clarified. It is shown that intellect and subject activity are the backgrounds of independence and critical thinking, protecting unwanted effects in an adult understanding of the world, including the virtual world. They determine the presence of anti-manipulating and anti-crisis potential of the individual and require constant development and psychological support. The intellect is a holistic (integral) mental formation, which is responsible for the generation, construction and reconstruction of mental models of the world by problems statement and solving. The intellect is not reduced to the system of cognitions, it also includes metacognitions, metacognitive integrators, among which the mains are an intellectual initiation (self-statement of the problem), decentration, reflexion and strategic thinking. The term "subject" in modern psychology is considered in the context of postnonclassical science and is linked with its interpretation, or otherwise reflective-active opportunities in different environments of life. The integrative intellect and intellectual metacognitions in particular works on the development of adults subject activity, developing their own view of the world and of their own activity, promoting goal-setting, creative designing of activities and of life in general, opposing the "death" of the subject in today's real and virtual worlds.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Intellect, subject activity, virtual space, metacognitions, development , adults.
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