Concept of the course “Numerical methods in object methodology”

- Polishchuk, Aleksandr P. and Semerikov, Serhiy O. ( (2022) Concept of the course “Numerical methods in object methodology” ACNS Conference Series: Social Sciences and Humanities (1). ISSN 2831-5227

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The tasks for which computers were created – routine calculations of an industrial, scientific and military nature – required the creation of a whole class of new methods focused not on manual but on machine calculations. The first programming languages did not have convenient means for reflecting such objects offien used in computational mathematics as matrices, vectors, polynomials, etc. Further development of programming languages followed the path of embedding mathematical objects into languages as data types, which led to their complication. So, for example, an attempt to make a universal language Ada, in which there are even such data types as dictionaries and queues, led to the fact that the number of keywords in it exceeded 350, making it almost unusable for learning and use. The compromise solution between these two extremes can be the following: let the programmer himself create the data types that he needs in his professional work. Programming languages that implement this approach are called object-oriented. This, on the one hand, makes it possible to make the language quite easy by reducing the number of keywords, and on the other, expandable, adapting to specific tasks by introducing keywords for creating and using new data types.

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