Irrationality and totalitarian social system

- Степура, Є.В. ( (2022) Irrationality and totalitarian social system Габітус (36). pp. 289-295. ISSN 2663-5208

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Some aspects of the irrational in the human psyche are revealed in the paper. It is stated that solutions, based on irrational aspirations, often lead to an incorrect choice, and sometimes they even lead to real disasters. It is also defined that the problem of the irrational is even deepened by the fact that person lives in a certain society with a definite culture, being under their direct influence, which is combined with individual’s biological preconditions. It is outlined that in various authoritarian and totalitarian societies the person is forced to adapt himself/herself to the predetermined irrational social ideology, which is damaging his/her psychological health and well-being, worsening personality’s disadaptation, which often manifests itself in learned helplessness and the application of inadequate strategies of copying by an individual. It is pointed out that the disadaptation of a personality may lead to overconcentration of the person on himself/herself and his/her own egoistic interests, which always results in the lack of kindness and altruistic behaviour, moral degradation and psychopathization. It is noted that the essential feature of totalitarian society is irrational aggression and violence against “weeker” (politically, economically etc.) or different members. In its development this kind of a social system is not much different from the most primitive of its subsystems, i.e. criminal community. It is stated in the paper that the army is a key element and a product of a totalitarian system, fully reflecting its essence and order. It is hypothesized that the armies of totalitarian countries are likely to be characterized by significant percentage of psychopathic personalities. Psychopaths are almost certainly the initiators of all violence, committed by armies of totalitarian countries. Other militaries copy their behaviour, following certain social and psychological patterns.

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