Understanding of new information as a tasks solving process

- Моляко, В.О., Третяк, Т.М., Ваганова, Н.А. and Шепельова, М. В. (2020) Understanding of new information as a tasks solving process Вчені записки ТНУ імені В.І. Вернадського. Серія: Психологія, 4 (31(70)). pp. 42-50. ISSN 2709-3093

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In the article general aspects of the understanding problem, peculiarities of its functioning in the information space, extremely critically overloaded with various information in all its’ genres and scales, attempt of preliminary analysis of human research, human essence as such in psychological dimensions, which we use in theoretical and methodological terms in this work, are observed. We are talking primarily about the psychological essence of understanding, understanding as a system-forming structure of mental activity, understanding in the manifestations of incomplete, incorrect, inadequate understanding, misunderstanding (note that in the psychological dimension misunderstanding is organically “intertwined” with the problem of understanding and its determinants and consequences. Especially important for us is the autonomous aspect: understanding as a creative process, a product of the creative process. In the article features of new information understanding by children are analyzed. The characteristics of new information understanding process by children through the distinguishing of subjective references and new images-notions constructing, on which the understanding bases, are described. The experience of the best out-of-school associations of senior pupils is analyzed in relation to the development of their creative thinking when they develop structures characterized by objective novelty and socially useful value, since the solution of creative problems of this kind is associated with the need for an adequate structural and functional analysis of significant volumes of relevant information, often implemented in complicated conditions: with a shortage of time, predictively necessary information, in conditions of sudden prohibitions and restrictions. It is found, that in the process of paintings perception, students are mostly oriented on the artist’s perceptive-mental strategies displays (analogizing, combining, reconstructing, artist’s personality presentation in the work of art). Characteristics of these perceptive-mental strategies are on the basis of their displays defining in the paintings perception by students. With the help of factor loadings calculation, the system-forming factors of perceptive-mental strategies displays in the paintings perception by students are defined.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: understanding, creative thinking, the creative task solving process, information, strategy, design, structural and functional analysis, subjective references.
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 1 Philosophy. Psychology
Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of psychology of creativit
Depositing User: с.н.с. Марія Володимирівна Шепельова
Date Deposited: 04 May 2022 14:54
Last Modified: 04 May 2022 14:54
URI: https://lib.iitta.gov.ua/id/eprint/729681


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