Factors supporting positive relations with other people and preventing excessive dependence on them

- Чайка, Г.В. (orcid.org/0000-0001-7799-1314) (2021) Factors supporting positive relations with other people and preventing excessive dependence on them Науковий вiсник Херсонського державного унiверситету. Серія Психологічні науки, 4. pp. 70-76. ISSN 2312-3260

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Objective: to find factors, i.e. personal qualities, supporting the creation of positive relationships with others and helping a person overcome too high, unhealthy sensitivity to others. Methods: indicator “positive relations with others” from the method studying psychological well-being C. Riff and indicator “sensitivity to others” from Autonomy–Connectedness Scale (ACS–30) of Bekker M.H.J., van Assen M.A.L; General Self-Efficacy Scale (Schwarzer, R., & Jerusalem, M.), Ways of Coping Questionnaire (Folkman and Lazarus), WIPPF, the Personality Views Survey III-R (S. Maddi), Self-Attitude Questionnaire (V.V.Stolin, S.R. Pantileev), Bass Orientation Personal Inventory, Zimbardo Time Perspective Syventory, Quality of Personality’s Life (Chykhantsova O.A.), Bradburn Scale of Psychological Well-Being, The Satisfaction with Life Scale (E. Diener et al.). Results: several personal traits were identified that were positively associated with “positive relations with others” and negatively with “sensitivity to others”. These were self-attitude, hardiness, self-efficacy, ability to cope with a new situation, self-understanding, choice of adaptive coping strategies in difficult situations. “Positive relations with others” were positively associated with intrinsic motivation, feelings of happiness, life satisfaction; and “sensitivity to others”, on the contrary, was positively associated with impersonal motivation and the predominance of negative emotions in life. Conclusions: positive relations with others support a person’s psychological well-being, but only if such relations are built on an equal footing. The ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with others is influenced by good self-attitude and hardiness. The development of these personal traits is especially useful if the ability to have positive relations is insufficiently developed. In addition, these personal traits will help to get rid of excessive sensitivity to the will, views, thoughts, beliefs that may be imposed by other people. To achieve positive relations on an equal basis, a person must rely on internal motivation, i.e. their own motivation in their actions, and also choose conditionally adequate coping strategies.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: positive relations with others, sensitivity to others, self-attitude, hardiness, coping strategies, psychological well-being, motivation
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