Creativity: Short Excursion to Ideal Reality

- Волощук, Іван Степанович ( and Рудик, Ярослав Михайлович ( (2021) Creativity: Short Excursion to Ideal Reality Education and Development of Gifted Personality, 1 (80). pp. 6-11. ISSN 2309‑3935

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The article considers the concept of creativity as reproduction of data of consciousness in a new form. The emphasis is on the importance of establishing the reasons for this reproduction. Reproduction itself can be deterministic and random. The act of reproducing the data of consciousness in a new form is connected either with the formulation of the problem or with its solution. Thus, the productive act of reproduction of the data of consciousness in a new form differs from reproductive by chance of a combination of elements of the experience directed by a gradient of the final purpose in an intuitive field. But if the characteristic feature of our world is the interaction of its constituent parts, which determines its development, then the reason for the creation of a new one must be sought in the interaction of the data of human consciousness. Moreover, if the interaction of material objects is based on the presence of gravitational objects, etc. properties, the interaction of ideal objects should be based on the inherent nature of certain properties. In general, the reproduction of the data of consciousness in a new form is due to the unity and struggle of two ideas, the quantitative accumulation of ideas and their transition to a new quality, the denial of the idea that emerged as a result of denial of the idea that preceded it. As for the properties of ideal objects, perhaps one of them (or the only one) is informative. Perhaps another property of ideal objects is their energy capacity. And the variety of ideas can be compared to the variety of material objects. Then by analogy you need to look for something like material elementary particles. It is possible that such elementary ideal particles have already been partially found (particles without rest mass). Then, most likely, the reflection of the material object is either the perception of the ideal carriers of information about the object, or the transformation of the material object into its ideal image in consciousness. In connection with this, the discussion of materialists and idealists about the primary and secondary nature of matter and consciousness seems absurd. A natural object first exists as a material object, then an ideal image is created on its basis. However, an artificial material object can be created on the basis of an imaginary ideal image. As a result, material objects are most likely displayed in a semi-ideal form as a result of perception. They acquire a perfect ending in the process of their processing by thinking. The bricks from which thought is built are words. The word is characterized by lexical meaning and grammatical form. In the process of thinking only the first attribute of the word is used, i.e. its meaning. Such bleeding of words occurs in the process of their transformation from conscious to subconscious. This releases the energy used to connect the abstract carriers of words with each other, i.e. the formation of a new thought and its future transmission from the subconscious to the conscious. The article concludes with advice for optimists who claim knowing the answer to the question “what is giftedness” to answer the question: how material objects are encoded into ideal images, and from the latter are synthesized new imaginary images.

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Keywords: creativity; material objects; ideal objects; dialectical unity of material and ideal; direct and by products of object action
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