Vacational education of medical representativs of pharmaceutical companies in Germany

- Білоусова, Наталя Анатоліївна ( (2021) Vacational education of medical representativs of pharmaceutical companies in Germany Diploma thesis, ДЗВО "УМО".

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The author found out that the issue of professional training of medical representatives in different countries is considered mainly in the context of improving the efficiency of their work in the pharmaceutical market, but in the national educational space attention that is paid to the study of international experience in solving the research topic, is insufficient. Emphasis is made on active development of a professional group of medical representatives in Ukrainian society, whose professional training is actualized by the need to resolve contradictions between the needs of pharmaceutical companies in medical representatives, capable of working effectively in a highly competitive pharmaceutical market along with the unregulated by the state approach to their professional training; the need for critical analysis of foreign experience in the training of medical representatives for pharmaceutical companies and the insufficient level of its systematization and generalization in the domestic scientific and practical work, recognized by the world community achievements of the Federal Republic of Germany in the training of medical representatives for pharmaceutical companies and insufficient level of study and justification of opportunities in order to optimize the domestic system of medical training based on extrapolation of the experience of this country. It was found out, owing to the analysis of scientific literature on marketing, medicine, sociology, psychology, etc., that under the influence of globalization, the transformation of the pharmaceutical market and the merger of large pharmaceutical companies with an extensive network of offices in many countries. This proves the fact that their training goes beyond the borders of one country and is based on the following modern concepts. i.e., continuing education, the leading idea of which is the ideology of the dynamic development of mankind in the new century; lifelong learning, the main provision of which is the combination of the logic of education (education of citizens) and the logic of industry (optimal use of human resources), aimed at the integration of general and vocational education; humanistic concept of education and development, which is based on the awareness of the importance of human rights and dignity, social justice, protection of cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity. It is revealed that the development of vocational education soon will be based on the following ideas: creation of the European innovative system of continuing vocational education and training based on the further development of interaction of vocational education institutions of different levels and socioeconomic complex; transnational cooperation and exchange of best practices in human resources development for further modernization of the economy; creating opportunities for the quality lifelong learning in all structures and at all levels of the education and training system, the synergy of formal, non–formal and informal education; development of the education zone by 2025 in order to use the full potential of education and culture, which are recognized as drivers for employment, economic growth and social justice. The basic concept of the «medical representative» as a specialist, whose professional responsibilities include a number of functions for the implementation of the company’s policy on the promotion of medicines (prescription and over–the–counter group) and medical products in the pharmaceutical market, is substantiated. It is also noted, that the pharmaceutical market involves: medical representatives (they promote mainly prescription group of drugs), pharmaceutical representatives (they promote mainly OTC – over–the–counter group of drugs) and sales representatives (promote medical products), which the author of the research combines into one professional group called «medical representatives». The notion of «professional training of medical representatives», as the equivalent of which in European countries the definition of «professional education and training» is, considered to be an intersectoral concept or a special feature of education and training in various settings, including formal, non–formal and informal learning, is also clarified. In the course of the research on the basis of comparative and historical and pedagogical analysis of the development tendencies of professional training of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies in the European social context the following features are revealed and generalized: dialectical development of medical education in cooperation with public organizations by both – professional and educational associations as initiators of professional training of specialists in the field of medicine, created and operating on an international basis; growing influence of the Association of Medical Education (ASME) and the Federation of Medical Education (NFME) on the training of medical staff, including medical representatives, development and quality of medical education; creation and development of a network of centers, courses of medical education, development and implementation of educational programs, methodological support, teaching methods for teachers of medical educational institutions with the support of stockholders of pharmaceutical companies; dissemination of the practice of training medical representatives in the system of non–formal education – through the introduction of a set of motivational measures for their professional development throughout life (in an extensive network of providers of educational services, in the workplace through intentionally organized information portals); mandatory National certification of medical representatives in accordance with the general framework of private companies and organizations for vocational education and training; active digitalization of vocational education and training, including professional training of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies. According to the tasks of the thesis, the use of interpretive–analytical analysis for the organization of professional training of medical representatives in the Federal Republic of Germany, which is carried out on the basis of the legislative framework for the development of the adult education system and is regulated by federal laws, orders, directives and regulations adopted at the state level, is characterized. Qualification of a certified pharmaceutical representative is carried out within the independent centers based on the results of the expert evaluation. The author has revealed a general description of the content of professional training of medical representatives, which is carried out in the following qualification areas (modules): scientific and medical bases; pharmacology, pharmacotherapy and clinical pharmacology; pharmaceutical law, health management and economics; communications, pharmaceutical market, pharmaceutical marketing. It was found out that the main forms of professional training of medical representatives are national universities; commercial and private institutions; industrial, confessional and trade union institutions; institutions of higher education, chambers of commerce and industry, institutes of extramural education, which are part of an extensive network of providers of educational services for adults, using coursework in groups, providing consultations, training, etc. Among the most common teaching methods are: independent work with educational and methodical literature; even distribution of the amount and intensity of training in preparation for testing; internships in successful offices through associations; interaction with the pharmaceutical manufacturers on a partnership basis. The thesis represents the characteristics of the current state and problems of professional training of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies legitimization in Ukraine, summarizes the conditions of medical representatives in Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies. It is emphasized that the presence of medical representatives as a separate professional group in Ukrainian society is illegitimate. This is evidenced by the following facts: undeveloped requirements, professional profile, educational and qualification characteristics, etc.; this profession is not listed in the National Classifier, and professional training of medical representatives is not regulated at the state level, so it is carried out directly in pharmaceutical companies without standards, licensed programs, approving procedures and assessment of the results of the qualification examination for the qualification «Certified Medical Representative». As a result, it is difficult to determine their status in pharmaceutical companies – specialists or professionals according to the National Classification of Occupations, although, when hiring, the employer requires a master’s degree. This causes a number of problems for medical representatives when they move from one company to another. The author summarizes the main forms of training of medical representatives in domestic pharmaceutical companies – trainings and coaching sessions carried out by companies represented in the market of educational services. The thesis presents developed recommendations for the use of progressive ideas of professional training of medical representatives of pharmaceutical companies in the Federal Republic of Germany in Ukraine at the state, scientific, pedagogical, organizational, methodological, local production levels; at the level of public organizations (professional associations) and personal level.

Item Type: Thesis (Diploma)
Keywords: medical representative, pharmaceutical company, pharmaceutical market, promotion, vocational training, vocational education and training, certification, content of education, adult education, educational providers.
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