Translation into the ukrainian language the autonomy–connectedness scale

- Чайка, Г.В. (2021) Translation into the ukrainian language the autonomy–connectedness scale Вчені записки ТНУ імені В.І.Вернадського. Серія: Психологія, 2. pp. 31-35. ISSN 2709-3093

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Formulation of the problem. The article presents the Ukrainian translation of the Autonomy–Connectedness Scale (ACS–30) proposed by Bekker M.H.J., van Assen M.A.L.M (Netherlands). Autonomy is seen as the ability to establish and maintain emotional connections with other people without fear of losing oneself in a close relationship. According to the scale authors, the autonomy of the individual is self-government; it reflects the connection with other people and dependence on them, on the one hand, and a strong self-awareness and self-understanding, on the other one. Therefore, the test has three scales: self-awareness, sensitivity to others, and capacity for managing new situations. The study purpose was to investigate the translation of the proposed method into Ukrainian and draw conclusions about the possibility of its use with Ukrainian samples. Result. To check the reliability (internal consistency) of the method translation, the Cronbach's alpha method was used, which showed a fairly high result. The internal consistency of the method was satisfactory. A comparison of the average values for the indicators obtained in the Dutch and Ukrainian samples showed their closeness. This fact indicates the similarity of the results. Correlations between the scales were also close. Self- awareness and capacity for managing new situations are components of autonomy. However, high sensitivity to others indicates excessive interpersonal dependence. Conclusion. The analysis shows that the translation created by us corresponds to the original proposed by Dutch researchers, and it can be used when studying Ukrainian-speaking respondents. In the future, we are planning to compare the obtained results with the indicators of autonomy and positive relationships determined with C. Ryff”s six-factor model of psychological well-being.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: personality autonomy, connectedness, scales, statistical evaluation
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > P. Chamata department of personality psychology
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Date Deposited: 15 Jul 2021 22:33
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