2.2. Designing the content of specialized education in high school in the specialization "Art and design creativity"

Вдовченко, Віктор Володимирович (orcid.org/0000-0003-3509-2972) (2017) 2.2. Designing the content of specialized education in high school in the specialization "Art and design creativity" . Інститут педагогіки НАПН України, Педагогічна думка, м. Київ, Україна.

[img] Text (1 редакція. Вдовченко В.В. §2 С.131-162 Р2 – повна версія результату дослідження. 2 редакція. Вдовченко В.В. §2 С. 71-84 Р2 – скорочена версія результату фундаментального дослідження. Ін-т педагогіки (2015-2017) ДР № 0115U003082 Проектування змісту профіл)
Вдовченко В.В. 2.2. Проєкт зм профільн навч у ст шкі за спеціал «ХПТ» Стор.131-162 Моногр 1 ред 2017.pdf - Published Version

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According to the results of our scientific report published at the International Pedagogical Symposium in Chisinau (Moldova) on the topic: "Pedagogical design in the training and retraining of lyceum teachers and teachers of pedagogical schools" 14 05 2021, presented the experience of Professor Victor Vdovchenko in the symposium: English, French, Russian, Romanian) is recognized as the International scientific and pedagogical experience of the researcher who transformed the integrated course of technologies into an art and design component of the national system of continuous technological education of Ukraine. The full report is posted on this page and argued by 46 sources of the author on this research topic. After the recognition of the experience as INTERNATIONAL - after 14 05 2021. All supporting materials (title, abstract, keywords) on this page are presented in 8 languages: native - Ukrainian, the most common in the European Union (after English) - German and 6 UN languages: Russian, English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic). §2 P2 is the result of a fundamental study of the author in the research Institute of Pedagogy (2015-2017) DR № 0115U003082 on the topic "Designing the content of specialized training in technology in high school." The paragraph was published in two editions 1 line. 2017 - which we publish here. Vdovchenko VV §2 P.131-162 P2 - full version (32 c) of the study result. 2nd row 2019 will be published on the same page of the author in the electr. TENSION. Vdovchenko VV §2 P. 71-84 P2 - abbreviated version (14 p.) 1 line. 2017. Vdovchenko VV P2 §2 Designing the content of specialized education in high school in the specialization "Art and design creativity". P.131-162 / Designing the content of specialized training in technology in high school. Monograph. - К: Педагогічна думка, 2017. - 361 с. 1 line. P2. Features of designing the content of specializations of the technological profile of high school education. P.107-206. In 1 line. In 2017, the following issues were revealed: §2. Designing the content of specialized education in high school specializing in "CPT" 2.1. Purpose, tasks, features of structuring during the development of the content of specialization, organization of specialized training. 2.2. Features of block pedagogical designing of specialization "HPT". 2.3. Features of innovative approaches in the study of specialization "CPT". 2.4. Methods of studying the specialization "CPT". It is presented in detail in the scientific graph of the model and table. T1. The place of design in art. HPT: scientific structure of designing the content of the curriculum of specialization by types of decorative and applied arts, ethnic design, types of design. T3. Comprehensive pedagogical design of synergetic art and design activities in the profile school in the national system of continuing art and design education in compliance with the didactic principles of continuity and prospects between universities and universities. . T4. Interdependence of spheres of life and types of professional activity in the field of design T5. Classified. basic types of design in five areas of life T6. Interdependence of spheres of life, typology of personality and attractive professional environment, types of design 10 cl. Classified. professions in the spheres of life. (according to EO Klimov) Class 11 Classified. world of professions according to the typology of personality and attractive professional environment (according to J. Holland) Classes 10-11 Types of design (according to V. Vdovchenko) T7. Examples of profile schools with specializations to profile and profile levels of art and design direction of education. T8. Visualization of features of types of design designing. T9. Defining approaches in DS. T10. Adherence to the didactic principle of perspective in the study of types of composition in the types of design. T11. Study in the types of design varieties of composition: Types of design in the profile school. 5-9, 10-11 cl. PRE-PROFILE TRAINING T13. PROFESSIONAL TRAINING. "FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN", 10-12 classes. T14. Technologies. Classes 10-11 Program for specialized training of students of CEE. SPECIALIZATION "FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN". T15. Teaching. programs (20) developed by VV Vovchenko on the block principle of ped. designing T16. Block pedagogical design in 2015-17. av for 11-year-old school. Technologies. Classes 10-11 Specialization "HPT". T17. General structure of the profile subject "CPT", grades 10-11, 2015 T18. Productivity of learning material during the study of "CPT" in a specialized school T18. Student project documentation for differentiated for CEE. Structure and content of student project documentation. Designer. Design. Technological T19. Classified. design (artistic and design) documentation / industrial / T20. Classified. stages of development of design documentation / industrial / T21. Classified. technological documentation T22. Correspondence of type of design, specialization in higher education and qualification by diploma. Type of design, specialization of the university. Qualification. T23. Stages and stages of the educational project

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Keywords: Pedagogical fundamental research; designing; content; profile training; high school; specialization "Art and design creativity; monograph; technological profile; structuring; organization of specialized training; block pedagogical design of specialization "HPT"; innovative approaches; method; design; art; scientific structure; curriculum; Arts and crafts; ethnodesign; types of design; complex pedagogical design; synergetics; artistic and design activities; national system of continuous art and project education; didactic principles; continuity and prospects between CEE and university; spheres of life; types of professional activity; design industry; interdependence; typology of personality; typology of attractive professional environment; classification; professions; art and design direction of education; visualization; types of design; varieties of composition; pre-professional training; profile training. "Basics of design", Technology. 10-11 classes; specialization "Fundamentals of Design"; design documentation: design, construction, technological; qualification; stages and stages of the educational project; artistic and figurative thinking; patriotic and aesthetic education; skill; competence; design creative projects; general technological direction.
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