Techniques of psychotherapeutic treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in various categories of victims: monograph

- Кісарчук, Зоя Григорівна (, Омельченко, Яніна Миколаївна (, Лазос, Гелена Петрівна (, Гурлєва, Т.С. (, Плескач, Б.В. (, Гребінь, Л.О. (, Журавльова, Н.Ю. (, Литвиненко, Людмила Іванівна ( and Уркаєв, В.С. ( (2020) Techniques of psychotherapeutic treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in various categories of victims: monograph Project Report. Видавничий Дім "Слово", м. Київ, Україна.

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This joint monograph has been prepared by a team of scientists of the laboratory of consulting psychology and psychotherapy of G. S. Kostyuk Institute of Psychology of the NAPS of Ukraine. It is dedicated to the development of theoretical, methodological and systematic concepts and models aimed at the phased creation of the techniques of psychotherapeutic treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder in various categories of victims. The monograph presents the results of the research of basic concepts and models of the progress of post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms among various categories of traumatized persons – militaries and war veterans, members of their families (wifes, children), internally displaced persons, psychologists/psychotherapists who work with victims, media text readers under the information pressure and manipulations. The monograph focuses on the diagnostic procedure applied to reveal the symptoms of PTSD among mentioned categories of people and its approbation. The research presents the models of treatment of traumatized persons, its approbation and specification of psychological and psychotherapeutic techniques applied to the mentioned categories of people. The monograph is referred to psychologists/psychotherapists – scientists and practicians, academicians as well as specialists in other «auxiliary» occupations and volunteers – to those who are involved in the psychological and social treatment of people who suffered from traumatic events.

Item Type: Monograph (Project Report)
Additional Information: ISBN 978-966-194-316-1
Keywords: Psycho traumatic event; stress response; mental trauma; various categories of traumatized persons - militaries, war veterans, children of militaries, wifes of war veterans, internally displaced persons; post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); secondary traumatic stress (STS); mechanisms of pathogenesis; structural regression phenomenon; psychodynamic model of psychotrauma with emphasis on Structural regression phenomena (PMP SRP); PTSD symptoms; manifestations of PTSD; resilience; resilient factors; style/type of attachment; coping strategies; stress tolerance; traumatic experience; trauma of identity; psychologists; psychotherapists; psychological/ psychotherapeutic assistance for victims; psychological support for veterans; psychological support; medical and psychological rehabilitation; katathym-imaginative psychotherapy (KIP); technology of psychotherapeutic assistance; technology of imagination psychodynamic psychotherapy; integrative technology of psychotherapeutic care; ; projective method; the process’s seven stages of the clients personal change; acceptance; the principle of organismality; the empathy understanding; integration of traumatic experience; professional and dialogical communication; manipulations under the informational war; media-consciousness; media text; reader; self-trust; dialogue-like text; manipulative text.
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 1 Philosophy. Psychology
Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of consulting psychology and psychotherapy
Depositing User: старший науковий співробітник, завідувач лабораторії Зоя Григорівна Кісарчук
Date Deposited: 11 Nov 2020 21:16
Last Modified: 11 Nov 2020 21:16


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