The systematic research results of the professional self-realization of preschool tutors.

- Завадська, Тетяна Василівна (2018) The systematic research results of the professional self-realization of preschool tutors. Актуальні проблеми психології. Том. V: Психофізіологія. Психологія праці. Експериментальна психологія, 18. pp. 64-73. ISSN 2072-4772


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The article gives an overview of the results of the systematic study of professional tutors self-realization of preschool age childrens and factors influencing this process. The profession of preschooler's tutor relates to complex professional activities. The tutor develops and teaches a child that requires certain abilities and temperamental qualities through the game and constant communication. Peculiarities of work with children of preschool age are often accompanied by the appearance of signs of professional burnout, which may lead to professional deformation, which is likely to slow down the process of professional growth. Therefore, a comprehensive study of the above indicators was conducted, which showed that 82.0% of the subjects had average and above the average level of general professional self-realization, 81.0% were internally-professional and 75% had external professional types of self-realization. This indicates a rather high level of professional self-realization of the educators of this sample, which was 78 ones. The most informative and influential indicator in the models of the dependence of the professional self-fulfilling was the indicator of "value orientation," the second most important indicator is the "external negative motivation", the latter - the indicator of "activity" as a property of temperament. The identified manifestations of extraversion, emotional excitement of tutors are positive manifestations of temperament in professional activity but indicators such as "rigidity", "passivity" indicate a flare of professional deformation. In this group of discovered tuttors a group of people with signs of the development of emotional burnout, with the emerging symptoms "reduction of professional duties", "personal detachment" is defined. The presence of signs of professional deformation is also evidenced by the revealed professional self-realization of "external negative motivation".

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