School Textbook on Natural Science as a Means for integrating Knowledge and Developing Research Skills of Senior Pupils

- Гринюк, Оксана Сергіївна ( (2016) School Textbook on Natural Science as a Means for integrating Knowledge and Developing Research Skills of Senior Pupils Problems of a Modern Textbook (16). pp. 92-99. ISSN 2411-7447

Гринюк О.С. Шкільний підручник з природознавства як засіб інтеграції знань.pdf

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The article analyzes the role of the textbook on science as a means of integrating knowledge on natural subjects and the formation of research skills of high school students; Aspects to be implemented in the methodical textbook apparatus for forming students integrated knowledge about nature and their integration on the basis of the general laws of nature; expediency implementation textbook various forms of work, including research functions by applying the method of projects that encourage students to show intellectual ability, moral and communicative quality and promote the formation of new cognitive values, skills and research positions in the perception and understanding of nature and its laws and acquisition of natural-scientific authority, which includes learning, integration of natural science and its use in solving new cognitive tasks; development of environmental responsibility, the ability to relate their own behavior in the environment of morality and the rule of law in society; the ability to use the methods of scientific knowledge to study objects, processes and phenomena of nature; the ability to see, understand, learn, observe and investigate phenomena and objects of nature, laws of functioning and development of living organisms; ability to analyze, synthesize, compare, generalize natural phenomena and objects; ability to apply general laws to explain natural phenomena and objects. School books on science for high school students as an important learning tool, has a wide range of interdisciplinary connections and possibilities of their practical application and is intended to help students not only in learning, and possession of information, but also to improve their research skills and the formation of new cognitive values that is the basis of the child’s intellectual growth and formation of its creative personality.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: School textbook; integration of knowledge; research skills; project activities; natural-scientific competence.
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