Functions of a history textbook for school in terms of research-based training

- Moroz, P.V. and Moroz, I. V. (2016) Functions of a history textbook for school in terms of research-based training Проблеми сучасного підручника (16). pp. 223-236. ISSN 2411-1309

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The article analyzes the role of a school history textbook in terms of the research-based training; in particularly, its main functions were determined. They are the following: implementation of the principles of the personality-oriented training (including the research-based approach), historical reconstructions as well as transformational, integrating, coordinating and educational functions. It is stated that a characteristic feature of a textbook of the new generation is learning those methods and techniques of studying that develop the ability to learn and to acquire knowledge independently by means of it. The authors consider that the implementation of the elements of a research-based study in the history textbooks provides for the structure and the content of a textbook to be the means of pupils’ productive research activities, their creative activity, applying to the method of analogies, comparing different points of view and approaches to describe the events, availability of evaluation positions on educational material, reflexive comprehension of the read material. The peculiarity of historical reconstruction lies in the complex reflection of not only material and spiritual culture, but also the feelings and the thoughts of people. In accordance with the abovementioned issues, the authors note that the school history textbook for primary schools should include illustrations, which show the reconstruction of historical events, attractions, dwellings, domestic scenes, clothes created by the scholars, and the questions as well as the tasks for them aimed at performing and modeling historical events, phenomena and processes by the pupils. The authors notify that the transformational, integrating and coordinating functions of a textbook are aimed at the optimal use of the new educational technologies as a tutorial and other educational tools to achieve the better academic outcomes in history and the practical implementation of the objectives of school history education. The article states that the educational function of a school history textbook is directed at the development of the pupils’ self-identity and self-esteem based on understanding the social and moral experience of the past generations; respect for its past and other nations; development of value orientations and beliefs.

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Keywords: functions of a history textbook, research training, competencebased approach.
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