Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. 3: Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine

Кісарчук, Зоя Григорівна (, Онищенко, Галина Іванівна, Юрченко, Т.П., Гурлєва, Т.С. (, Єрмусевич, О.І., Журавльова, Н.Ю. (, Омельченко, Яніна Миколаївна (, Кочубейник, Ольга Миколаївна (, Данилевський, Іван Анатолійович, Демидюк, Н.П., Лазос, Гелена Петрівна (, Пінчукова, Л.О., Гребінь, Л.О., Литвиненко, Людмила Іванівна and Плескач, Б.В. ( (2011) Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. 3: Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine Консультативна психологія і психотерапія , 8 . ТОВ «Полігранд», м. Київ, Україна. ISBN ISSN 2072-4772,1

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The collection is devoted to the coverage of theoretical and practical aspects of providing psychotherapeutic and counseling assistance to children, adults and families. The problem of the influence of socio-cultural factors on the formation of the modern paradigm of psychotherapeutic assistance in the domestic space is discussed. The book is meant for specialists in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy, both academics and practitioners, students and PhD students, and all those interested in current problems of modern psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

Item Type: Book
Keywords: sociocultural context, sociocultural factors, subjective culture, measurement of culture, cultural teachings and cultural values, mentality, societal psychic, the psychological symptoms of culture, psychotherapeutic discourse, Christian values, value of love, home-grown psychotherapy, acsiological bases of psychotherapy, phenomenon and existential of a freedom, modern psychotherapeutic mind, existential problems, the meaning of life, the system of life meanings, counseling and psychotherapy, psychologists providing psychological aid, philosophical psychological tradition, personalistic the concept of the person, the psychological help, personal self-determination, professional self-determination, life choice, personal choice, value – sense character of personal choice, psychological help, typical social ideas of family, senses and values, characteristics of basic relations, strategies of psychotherapeutic help to individual, guided affective imagery, ethno-cultural basis, parenting, parent family, gender roles, identity, closeness in family relationships, self-differentiation of human, strategy of development self-differentiation, psychocorrectional work with parents, psychodynamic psychotherapy, katathyme-imaginative psychotherapy (KIP, symboldrama), training of parent competence, adolescents, negative emotional experiences, katathym-imaginative psychotherapy (KIP, symboldrama), adolescents, stage of psychocorrection, group dynamics, actual (relevant) experience, deep experience, transference, contransference, theme, social situation of the family, counselling mothers of children with intellectual challenges, transactional analysis, socio-cultural factors, perceptions of parent- children relationships, life scenario, cultural scenario , life - scenario questionnaire, rechilding, reparenting, redesign, Relational Approach, codependence relations, offense, forgiveness, psychotherapy of offense, psychotherapeutic anthropology, development, structural and psychodynamic approach, psychodiagnosis, maturity, object of the development, development stage, frustration and the experience of expectation, frustration as necessity for security, symbolic castration, respect, resistance to a particular tуpe of frustration, disability, exclusion barrier, psychodrama, psyhodramatychna group protagonist, personal development, integration, imprinting, bonding, rebirthing, psychological test; training of consultants-psychologists; psychological care to cancer patients.
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 1 Philosophy. Psychology
Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of consulting psychology and psychotherapy
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