Prototext as the basis of «Self-text» in narrative applications of personality’s self-designing

- Рудницька, Світлана Юріївна (2017) Prototext as the basis of «Self-text» in narrative applications of personality’s self-designing Актуальні проблеми психології : Т.2. Психологічна герменевтика, 10. pp. 20-37.

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The article deals with the concept of prototext in the context of the study of the reproduction process of personality’s value-semantic resource, incorporated into a sign-symbolic form of «Self-text», constructed by an individual in the process of narrative self-designing. In line with psychological-hermeneutical approach, the person's life path, articulated as a design and at the same time as a process of this design’s implementation, is analyzed in the article as a special kind of personality’s «Self-text». The author proves, that «Self-text» is based on a protodesign, which «sprouts» into a personal prototext, which in turn is not only a complex of all texts (in a broad sense), but also a complex of all codes underlying the «Self-text». The issue of hypothetical nature of a prototext (its research reconstruction) in the process of personality’s self-designing is discussed. The articles shows, that in the context of «Self-text» generation it is the intent, which is «absent» (not sufficiently defined), and which is stated in various draft versions, drafts of a personal text – personal contents (meanings, senses, values), which were not assimilated, not appropriated by a personality as «his own», «belonging to him», «generated by him» or «mistakenly generated». The author’s idea is that the carried out by a person in his life accomplishments personal text («white», «clean») becomes in a certain sense an architext, that is an intent’s (invariant’s or text model’s) reconstruction based on semantic core of drafts, which are considered as communication channels between the intent and the «final» «Self-text» of personality.

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Keywords: self-designing, design, «Self-text», protodesign, prototext, intent.
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