tThe development of highest university potential in the world under globalization

- Слюсаренко, О.М. (2015) tThe development of highest university potential in the world under globalization Masters thesis, Інститут вищої освіти.

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Dissertation for the degree of Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences in specialty 13.00.06 – Theory and Methods of Education Management. – State Higher Educational Institution «University of Education Management», National Academy of Educational Sciences of Ukraine. – Kyiv, 2015. The thesis deals with the world experience relating to the development of the highest university potential under globalization; the interrelation between this potential and research and innovative type of human progress has been determined. The conceptual and terminological apparatus of the description (including the content of the concepts «university», «extra-class university»/«super-elite university», «the university potential», «the highest university potential») and rating instruments for university potential evaluation have been substantiated. The stable three-dimensional temporal, spatial and organizational structure of the highest university potential has been proved, as well as the existence of rank-and-age, rank-and-space and rank-and-organization patterns. Temporal structure expresses the historical periods of intense establishment of the world top universities; territorial structure reflects the geographical areas of their concentration; organizational structure highlights the substantial institutional diversity, including the formation and organization models, strategies and managerial mechanisms for their development. The three-dimensional structure of the above potential is coherent with the historical progress, space spread, global intensification of scientific and technological progress. The actual trends (namely, profiling and singling out of a national leader among universities) have been revealed. The set of the first 30 higher education institutions in the annual Shanghai Ranking is characterized by a stable rank-group differentiation, which is strengthened, and by the advanced development of Harvard University. In addition to six rating indicators, 12 institutional parameters have been revealed that correlate positively or negatively or do not demonstrate interdependence with the rating achievements of the institutions, therefore, are important for the organizational and managerial activities. The pairs of effective organizational models and institutional development strategies (similar to all institutions in Shanghai Ranking & THE (Times) Rankings) have been defined: 1) parametric balance model and specialized focus model; 2) strategies of universalization and profiling. The greater competitiveness of private (with maximum autonomy) and parametrically balanced institutions has been proved. Missions, mottos, visions and values have been proved effective management mechanisms for self-reflection, self-regulation and self-development of top world universities. A stable global leadership of the leading universities, the highest university potential and the specific management mechanisms for the development of this potential in the US have been identified. The above include: national support to leadership by providing substantial funding for higher education in the amount of 3 % of GDP, the implementation of a self-governing-and-associative management model, provision of the centralized funding for postdoctoral education, universities’ research and development capacities, institutional support and promotion of research and innovation activities, support of Nobel Laureates, the use of endowment resources etc. Taking into account the patterns, trends, specificities of the development of highest university potential in the world under globalization, the author develops the conceptual organizational and managerial principles for the formation of the above mentioned potential in Ukraine and on the basis of analysis of public policy and governance, higher education reforms undertaken during 1960–2015 puts forward the conceptual organizational-managerial framework for the formation and development of the highest university potential in Ukraine.

Item Type: Thesis (Masters)
Keywords: highest university potential, world experience, globalization, research and innovation type, university rankings, world- and extra-class universities, patterns and development trends, models and strategies, management mechanisms, organizational and managerial fundamentals.
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 3 Social Sciences > 37 Education > 37.01/.09 Special auxiliary table for theory, principles, methods and organization of education > 37.07 Management aspects of educational institutions
Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 3 Social Sciences > 37 Education > 378 Higher education. Universities. Academic study
Divisions: Institute of Higher Education > Division of policy and governance in higher education
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Date Deposited: 24 Oct 2017 14:29
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