Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. 3: Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine (Iss. 7)

Кісарчук, Зоя Григорівна (, Юрченко, Т.П., Литвиненко, Людмила Іванівна (, Журавльова, Н.Ю. (, Плескач, Б.В. (, Гребінь, Л.О., Онищенко, Галина Іванівна, Гусак, О., Єрмусевич, О.І., Демидюк, Н.П., Гурлєва, Т.С. (, Манілов, І.Ф., Лазос, Гелена Петрівна (, Пономарьов, С.В., Ніконова, І.Ю, Данилевський, Іван Анатолійович, Ільіна, Юнона Миколаївна, Верещак, Євген Прокопович, Худякова, Н.Ю., Усачова, Л.В. and Кобрисенко, Д.О. (2010) Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. 3: Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine (Iss. 7) Консультативна психологія і психотерапія (7). ПП Лисенко М.М., м. Ніжин, Україна.


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In this collection of scientific papers, the overwhelming majority of articles are devoted to discussing two topical topics: sociocultural factors in the formation of a modern paradigm of psychotherapeutic assistance and personality development in the context of psychotherapy. In other articles of the collection are devoted developments in the field of methodology and techniques of psychotherapeutic and counseling, highlight the peculiarities of practical work with different categories of clients (children, adolescents, youth), relevant issues of medical psychology, etc. are discussed. The book is meant for specialists in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy, both academics and practitioners, students and PhD students, and all those interested in current problems of modern psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

Item Type: Book
Keywords: paradigm, classical, nonclassical and postnonclassical types of scientific rationality, the modern paradigm in psychology, modern paradigm in psychotherapy, social and cultural context, sociocultural factors, personality, essence and phenomenology of freedom, spiritual, ontological and sociocultural reasons, psychotherapeutic paradigm, psychotherapeutic and supervision practice, culture, folk culture, rites, rituals, traditions, myths, game, theater, theatrical performance, psychodrama, dramatic action, socio-cultural factors, personal development, personal choice, value – sense character of personal choice, psychological help, somatopsychological tradition, psychosomatic, focus on personality, social and cultural factors, development, time, space, structural and psychodynamic approach, maturity, object of the development, the development stages, the maturity structure, maturity characteristics, specificity of humanity, possibility of disconnection, frustration as an experience of waiting, frustration as a necessity of safety, symbolic emasculation, second stage of mirror, second Oedipus period, the structure of respect, «worthy of respect» as an object characteristic, «able to respect» as a subject characteristic, estrangement, forgiveness, grievance, emotional state, motives of forgiveness, psychotherapy of grievance, Christian understanding of personality, personalistic concept of human personality enhancement, high sense of life, senses of life, teenage and youthful age, psychologist, individual format work in family therapy, the development of self-differentiation of human, "I am a holistic", "pseudo-self", the closeness in family relationships, psychotherapy, trip alone, psychotherapeutic influence, negative experiences of adolescents, psycho-correction, katathyme-imaginative psychotherapy (KIP, symboldrama), depth psycho¬logical interpretation of the symbol, three components of simboldrama, new internalization, emotional correction of experience, study of conflict, transference/contrtransference, rehabilitation, psychology, psychotherapy, schizophrenia, mental disorders, social bad adapted teenagers, school psychologist, a short-term counseling, psychoanalytic paradigm, motivation, needs, expert opinions, values, creative abilities, Author's method of investigating life success, the psychology of success, success, life scenario, : transactional analysis, socio-cultural factor, representation about child-parent relationship, life scenario, cultural script, the script of life questionnaire, spirituality, cognitive, cognitive style, personality, psycho-diagnostics, psychological prevention, negative maternal object, psychotherapy, stages of psychotherapeutic work, containing, empathic mirroring, reasonable limitations, psychological consultancy, age development, youth age, Gestalt therapy by working with children, principle of holism, organismic self- regulation, contact, contact borders, introjections, «self», healthy functioning, vestibular dysfunction (vd), autonomic nervous system (ans), mental status, autonomic dysfunction, somatoform autonomic dysfunction, maladaptive state, the Self, kinds of the Self, Self-concept, self-consciousness, the political Self.
Subjects: Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 1 Philosophy. Psychology
Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of consulting psychology and psychotherapy
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