Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. III : Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine (Iss. 10)

Кісарчук, Зоя Григорівна (, Лазос, Гелена Петрівна (, Омельченко, Яніна Миколаївна (, Юрченко, Т.П., Демидюк, Н.П., Гурлєва, Т.С. (, Плескач, Б.В. (, Журавльова, Н.Ю., Данилевський, Іван Анатолійович, Литвиненко, Людмила Іванівна, Костіна, Т.О., Манілов, І.Ф., Пліш, Г.Й., Радзівіл, К.П. and Мугаль, С.О. (2014) Actual Problems of Psychology Vol. III : Counseling psychology and psychotherapy : Scientific papers of the G. S. Kostiuk Institute of Psychology NAPS Ukraine (Iss. 10) (10). Логос, м. Київ, Україна. ISBN ISSN 2072-4772,1

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Most articles of the collection of scientific works continue to discuss the issues of theory, methodology and technologies of applying modern psychotherapeutic methods in domestic socio-cultural conditions, begun in the previous collection. Some part of the articles is devoted to the traditional issue of the collection - consideration of various aspects of the theory and practice of psychological assistance. A section on professional training of practical psychologists is also presented in the collection. The collection is addressed to professionals in the field of counseling psychology and psychotherapy - both for scientists and practitioners, for teachers of higher educational establishments, PhD students, students, as well as for everyone who is interested in the actual problems of modern psychotherapy and psychological counseling.

Item Type: Book
Keywords: modern methods of psychodynamic paradigm katatimno - imaginative psychotherapy, socio-cultural context, culture specificity, teenager, emotional sphere, socio-cultural specificity, Guided affective imagery, drawing tests, symbol representation, interpretation, symbol, personal maturity, mature relations, capability for mature relations, marital relations, characteristics of internal objects, typical frustrating circumstances, strategy of psychotherapeutic aid, modern sociocultural situation, existential crisis, personality, development, freedom, work, personalist approach in psychotherapy, the meaning of personal existence, personal development, existential-humanistic approach, semantic differential method, dialogue as a method and a basis for psychological aid, material well-being, decent work, quality of life, psychological development, personality traits, psychotherapy, existential-humanistic approach, experience, life choices, social and cultural context, Ukrainian etnotip, consumer society, trauma, interpersonal psychotherapy, perfect communication, helpline, telephone counseling, dialogue, crisis, existential-humanistic approach, crisis intervention, autonomy, awareness, life-script, remedial and developing program, training, psychotherapeutic travel alone, psychotherapeutic influence, suggestion, prosody, intonation, prosodic organization of therapist’s speech, effectiveness of psychotherapy, guided affective imagery and mental imagery techniques, professional expectations, vital way, appearance of «Myself», self-knowledge, mental retardation, higher mental functions, especially of the children.
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of consulting psychology and psychotherapy
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