Life ways of personality: methods of procedurality modeling

- Титаренко, Тетяна Михайлівна ( (2014) Life ways of personality: methods of procedurality modeling Наука і освіта: наук.-практ. журн. Південного наук. Центру НАПН України. Психологія і педагогіка, 9 (126). pp. 37-41.

Титаренко Т.М.-стаття-Життєві шляхи особистості. Способи моделювання процесуальності.pdf

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In article search of the answer to a question is carried out: what happens to evolutionary character of personal development in postmodern context. It is defined that the personality self-constitutes in the world of formation, emergence, that is in the world essentially procedural, remaining in some way in the world of trajectories which set or modify actual requirements, life tasks, unexpected events. The personality is considered as a continuous generation of meaning which occurs during a practicing. It is shown that not usual classical dichotomy "Me" – "Others", but synthetic post-nonclassical new growth which can be called "collectivity", "co-existence", "community" becomes defining characteristic of a personal practicing. It is found out that the ways of life course advance offered by S. Bauman, extended in postmodern society (flaneur, tramp, tourist, player) are widespread ways of processuality modeling with the corresponding sets of life-designing practices, ways of conducting the dialogue, ways of conditional autonomy achievement and temporary identification. It is defined that the practices of traveling promote the search of new meanings by postmodern personality. Among the sets of practices which the personality uses in creation of own life, background and reformative practices are analyzed. It is established that for flaneur, tramp, tourist, player as different options of the nomadic, drifting personality all personal modes are definitely changed: identification becomes situational, multiple, the process of dialogue making loses stability and symmetry, the practicing submits to game consumption, autonomy then is amplified and almost absolutely disappears. It is shown that designing of new meanings occurs during a reformative, extreme practicing, whereas their assimilation and preparation for initiation of a new sense-making – during a daily, background practicing. Emergence features of the open, incomplete life ways which are not limited neither external conditions, nor biological age, nor social stereotypes are defined.

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Keywords: Life journeys (ways), personal procedurality (processuality), generation of meaning, background and transforming (reformative) practices.
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Science and knowledge. Organization. Computer science. Information. Documentation. Librarianship. Institutions. Publications > 3 Social Sciences > 304 Social questions. Social practice. Cultural practice. Way of life (Lebensweise)
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