Psychology features s of professional self-realization constituent of preschool tutors

- Завадська, Тетяна Василівна (2016) Psychology features s of professional self-realization constituent of preschool tutors Актуальні проблеми психології. – Том. V: Психофізіологія. Психологія праці. Експериментальна психологія (16). pp. 39-48. ISSN 2072-4772


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Creative character of tutors activity is induced him to permanent self-perfection, professional self-realization. In the article are brought review over of experimental data in relation to the degree of professional self-realization signs for preschool tutors and personality indexes of the psychophysilogical state, that influence on this process. Research of temperaments properties of tutors stared majority inherent signs of extrovertion, emotional excitability that is positive lines at professional activity. The considerable group of educators was characterized by the signs of "rigid" and "passivity", that is able to interfere with the process of professional self-realization. Research of syndrome of the emotional burning out of tutors signs discovered that in majority not formed emotional burning out symptoms which is a positive result. Certain «group of risk» (15% educators ) with the signs of the emotional burning out are in the stage of forming. A symptom is «reduction of professional duties» already formed in 61,5% educators; symptom of «personality removed» - in 41,0% educators. These indexes are an obstacle on a way to the high level of professionalness. Most investigational tutors – from 82,0% to 75,0% - characterized middle and higher middle levels general, introprofessional and extraprofssional self-actualization. Basicly the most this selected tutors showed middle values of indexes of professional self-realization and slf-actualization also. High motivation to activity and proper temperamental indexes is certain specify on the capacity of investigational group of tutors for self-realization in a profession. A cross-correlation analysis testifies to close intercommunications between investigational indexes, which stipulate development of man on a way to professional realization.

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Keywords: tutor, professional realization, actualization, emotional burning out, temperament
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