Modern technology of proficiency in the system of vocational guidance

- Алєксєєва, С.В. (2012) Modern technology of proficiency in the system of vocational guidance Актуальні проблеми професійної орієнтації та професійного навчання населення: материалы VІ Международной науч но - практической конференции (29− 30 ноября 2012 г ., г. Киев), 1. pp. 6-14.


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Modern methodologies of determination of professional suitability fold the complex scientifically reasonable system of forms and facilities of influence on personality with the aim of optimization of her professional self-determination on the basis of achievement of balanced between professional interests and possibilities from taking into account of personality descriptions. On the basis of comparison of requirement of profession to personality and obtained data appear as present so possible capabilities. The basic feature of methods of psycho activator is an instrumentation-proof-of-concept orientation, in particular: standardization, reliability instruments of inspection with regulation of procedure, implementation of instruction, clearly certain methods of producing of stimulant material, non-interference in activity of subject of diagnostic ting.

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Keywords: professional suitability, diagnostics, professional gift, integrity of personality, professional orientation, professional reliability.
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