The study of features of psychophysiological characteristic manifestations in the dynamics of professional self-fulfilment

- Гуменюк, Г.В. (2015) The study of features of psychophysiological characteristic manifestations in the dynamics of professional self-fulfilment Актуальні проблеми психології. - Том V: Психофізіологія. Психологія праці. Експериментальна психологія (15). pp. 23-33. ISSN 2072-4772


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The article presents the results of an empirical study that examined the impact of psychophysiological characteristics on the dynamics of professional self-fulfilment of scientific employees. It was found out that the age aspect has little effect on fullness of scientific employees’ self-fulfilment, except such a professional self-fulfilment atribute as “a need for professional improvement” that tends to increase with age. Scientific employees’ self-fulfilment is also relatively independent on gender. The groups of studied men and women have not significantly differences, except the “a need for professional improvement” atribute that is much greater for women than that for men. It was determined that scientists who achieved significant professional success have the strong nervous system, as it was evidenced by high parameters of nervous system strength, both excitation and inhibition. The most general level of professional self-fulfilment depends on nervous process lability providing quick orientation in variable (difficult) conditions that is necessary to achieve professional goals, to reveal personal potential and abilities in a chosen profession and to meet the need for professional development. It was revealed that the level of internal professional self-fulfilment depends on the strength of inhibitory processes that leads to development of self-control, self-command and allows a scientist to keep in a mind focus during a long time a project of his/her own professional development, to form new goals continually and so on. And vice versa, external professional self-fulfilment correlates strongly with the processes of excitation that underlay activity and working ability.

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Keywords: skilled person, professional self-fulfilment, professional successfulness, psychophysiological characteristics, scientist’s nervous system
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