Protonaratyv as a value-semantic basis for self-projecting in the blogosphere

- Гудінова, І.Л. (2015) Protonaratyv as a value-semantic basis for self-projecting in the blogosphere Актуальні проблеми психології, 9 (2). pp. 142-155. ISSN 2072-4772


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It is explained a new virtual reality being able to impact on the person’s self-projecting. It is presented a brief review of a new 144 Internet genre of the human creativity in the blogosphere, namely, motivators and demotivators (protonarratives). It is substantiated the notion “protonarrative” itself. It is described the functions of motivators and demotivators such as value-semantic adjustment in creating the personal life project, the evaluators of truth within the moral domain of socio-cultural knowledge, the designers of new realities and others. In fact, the memes are pure information, but their functioning has got some distinguishable physical and behavioral consequences. Memes are considered to be an informational good thanks to their pithiness. Such texts or someone’s strange life meanings are becoming close to the virtual person ( "the aesthetically strange as the forgotten my own") is able to restruct and to aesthetize the previous opinions and the all life. The usage of protonarratives is resulting to quantitative changes, they are the next: concretizating the over-thought situation; increasing the emotional level and self-respect are being improved; the text laconism is resumed to a feeling of finishing and receiving the life wisdom; the person becames to be able to help another person (memotherapy); it is appeared the feeling of harmony and the final order of life experience. In this case the person appears in front of the “face” of the “cultural absolute”. The highest potencies of the consciousness are activated in it. The person continues to search the sense of the life changes. These are texts of the personal improving, namely the compacted semantic perspective. Consequently, the protonarrative form is reflecting the life experience and is confirming with a word about understanding the own way. It is pointed out the protonarratives influence items upon the person’s psychics.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: motivator, demotivator, protonarrative, self-projecting, belief, hope, dream.
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of cognitive psychology
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