Influence of psychological self-defense mechanisms on personal formation and behavior model of teens

- Кирпенко, Т.М. (2015) Influence of psychological self-defense mechanisms on personal formation and behavior model of teens Проблеми сучасної психології: Збірник наукових праць Кам’янець-Подільського національного університету імені Івана Огієнка, Інституту психології імені Г.С. Костюка НАПН України. - Випуск 27. pp. 198-210. ISSN 2227-6246


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The article examines the current problem of of self-regulation of behavior in the transition to adulthood. Personalized scientific resources devoted to the problem of protective behavior of adolescents and personal security as a whole. Definitely that psychological self-defense consists of a system of protective actions of the personality, which includes situational protective automatisms, coping - strategies, compensations, which serve the behavioral manifestation of adaptation. Is reported that process of communication during adolescence is the leading activity, and the crisis that age is associated with communication contradictions. Ascertained that adolescents there is little constructive behavior strategies and the frequent use of non adaptive defense mechanisms. It was stated that in adolescence there are difficulties of adaptation caused by different types of accentuation, heightened emotionality because of spontaneity somatic, physiological, constitutional changes. Determined that interpersonal relationships is one of the diagnostic criteria for violations of social adaptation. Found that the choice of ways to overcome teenagers are influenced by individual psychological characteristics: accentuation, the level of anxiety, features the locus of control, orientation of the personality. It was concluded that for the formation of adaptive psychological self-defense adolescents need to develop the following abilities: flexibility, tolerance to changes in the environment, creativity, adequate perception of the individual characteristics, self-regulation of emotional states, constructiveness in resolving internal and external conflicts. Was installed in adolescents necessity to form of such psychological qualities: stress tolerance, positive self, self-esteem, self confidence, the positive thinking, development of adaptive abilities. Must also be create a need for self-knowledge, the importance of personal activities, the ability to predict the future.

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Keywords: psychological self-defense, teenager, adaptation, accentuation, personality, communication, anxiety, conflict, coping behavior, communication, emotion, stress
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