Psychological features of self-designing of students using the example of “"myth-plot of transition”

- Гуцол, С.Ю. (2014) Psychological features of self-designing of students using the example of “"myth-plot of transition” Вісник Національного технічного університету України «Київський політехнічний інститут». Філософія. Психологія. Педагогіка: зб. наук. праць, 2 (41). pp. 39-46.

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This study is an attempt to involve psychological hermeneutics resources, in particular the capacity of the narrative approach to solve the problem of a search for efficient strategies to interact with the customers, which experience the liminal phase. The article analyzes the "plot of transition" as implementation of the personal project of students in the mythological discourse. The author presents her interpretation of the "periods of transition" of a human’s life path, articulated as subjectively differentiated "gaps in the lasting experience" (V.P. Zinchenko) and associated with reflection of semantic completion of certain life’s fragments, which require overcoming of "Oneself as a present one" and designing of "Oneself as another one". It is shown that "plots of transition" as mythological forms of implementation of the personal design are updated as periods of "surges" of personal activity to assign new meanings, to create renewed identities. "Plots of transition" play an important role in the process of designing of an individual’s self-realizations. The author elaborated and tested the technique of construction of the personal design as a possible story’s plot. This technique is based on reinterpretation of one’s life experience with the purpose to realize a personal’s development potential, to model the experience, which overcomes the liminality of various "transition periods", and to fix this experience in a fictional "semi-biographical" text. As a result of analysis of empirical data obtained from the application of the proposed technique, the latter has been confirmed as efficient in the context of studying of self-designing narrative practices in the age of adolescence, which in turn promotes the formation of life-creative resources in the adulthood’s phase.

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Keywords: myth, design, self-designing, narrative, "plot of transition", liminal period.
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