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- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Social psychological foundations of building a modern civil society as the basis of moral and political development, unity and progress of the Ukrainian state ВПУ Кременчук . pp. 26-29.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Taras Grigorovych Shevchenko - the spiritual leader of the Ukrainian people Кременчук: ПП Щербатих О.В.. pp. 308-354.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Sense of love аs basis of spiritual potential of prасtical psychologist and social teacher International Chelpanivski psychological and educational reading. pp. 254-263.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Psychopedagogy of the outer and internal world of personality of child and adult: philosophical-psychological, antinomycal and corporal-heartfelt- spiritual dimensions. Academic self-concept Nelly Nychkalo in terms of professional development of the individual. pp. 136-145.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) The phenomenon of temperament in the theory of time B.Y.Tsukanova & its importance for Practical psychology of personality, Provision telesnoho uh, mental and spiritual blahopoluchyya. Psychologist: Ukrainian newspaper for psychologists, teachers, social workers, 19 (547). pp. 5-17.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Theoretical and methodological issues of psychological research creative high school students perception of peers Current Affairs Psychology: scientific Papers of the Institute of Psychology H.S.Kostyuka NAPS Ukraine, 3 (19). pp. 304-314. ISSN 2072-4772

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Spirituality and spiritual culture in the development of creatively gifted person Education and Development of Gifted personality, 8-9 (15-16). pp. 108-113. ISSN 2309-3935

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Spirituality and spiritual culture in the formation creatively gifted person Education and development of individual talent, 8-9 (15-16). pp. 108-113.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Development of national social-psychological thought in the 20-50 years of the twentieth century. Historiographical and methodological coordinates of theories of social psychology. pp. 136-154.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Personality orientation intellectual work of psychologists and teachers of vocational education Професійно-технічна освіта, 4. pp. 33-38.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2012) Honesty and truthfulness creatively gifted person as a spiritual basis for its pursuit of truth, service to the truth, fighting lies and injustice ТОВ «Інформаційні системи». pp. 14-54.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2012) Materynskye inclinations, abilities and personality talantы zhenskoy As Chief vytalnыy and duhovnыy factor odarennosty development of the child Ліцензійне програмне забезпечення Microsoft.. pp. 18-39.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2012) Professional psychological and pedagogical support philosophical , spiritual and artistic trends of individual gifted youth Vocational education : Pedagogy and Psychology. Polish- Ukrainian and Ukrainian- Polish Yearbook. pp. 381-388.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2010) Peter S. quail - one of the founders of Ukrainian industrial psychology, wise mentor and friend of young scientists Applied psychology and social work, 10. pp. 59-61.

Book Section

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) I.A.Zyazyun (1938-2014) - the spiritual leader of Ukrainian educators In: Modern secondary education, innovation, methodology, theory and practice Shcherbatykh O.V., м. Кременчук, Україна, pp. 31-34.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Personality-Generation Approach in shaping the educational system of spiritual unity of Ukrainian society In: Modern secondary education, innovation, methodology, theory and practice Shcherbatykh O.V., м. Кременчук, Україна, pp. 252-257.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Historical and psychological analysis of the problem of the spiritual culture of teaching staff In: Spiritual culture of the teacher as a condition of intellectual giftedness seniors Institute for Gifted Children NAPS of Ukraine, м. Київ, Україна, pp. 4-33.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2013) To a question about upgrading the category value "psychology" In: 500 years using the concept of "Psychology" in literature, art, science and practice upon the first mention of this concept in the bibliography Marko Marulic REM: Psychology. Educology. Medicine, Южная Сибирь, Россия, pp. 96-99.

- Рибалка, В.В. (2011) The problem of correlation and the relationship of reproductive and creative personality components in the developing gifted education In: Modelling personality-developing environment for gifted children Institute for Gifted Children NAPS of Ukraine, м. Київ, Україна, pp. 150-153.


- Помиткін, Едуард Олександрович, Рибалка, В.В., Становських, З.Л., Бастун, Микола Володимирович, Павлик, Н.В., Радзімовська, О. В., Шкіренко, Олена Віталіївна and Жмурко, М.Д. (2016) Psychological basics of teacher staff in the development of the spiritual potential of youth Project Report. Інститут педагогічної освіти і освіти дорослих, м. Київ, Україна. (Unpublished)

- Моляко, В.О., Біла, І.М., Ваганова, Н.А., Латиш, Н.М., Медведева, Н.В., Найдьонова, Л.М., Рибалка, В.В., Третяк, Т.М., Кіричевська, Е.В., Кокарєва, М. В. and Москаленко, В.В. (2015) Psychological regularities of creative perception of reality indicators: monograph Project Report. Педагогічна думка, м.Київ, Україна.

- Тесленко, Валентин Вікторович, Ткаченко, Л.І., Рибалка, В.В., Вінник, Н.Д., Подшивайлов, Федір Михайлович, Кудрявченко, М.О., Якимова, Ірина Олександрівна, Павлова, А.Р. and Перцев, М.А. (2015) Scientific and methodological principles of personal development of intellectually gifted senior students: monograph Project Report. Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine, м. Київ, Україна. (Unpublished)

- Моляко, В.О., Біла, І.М., Ваганова, Н.А., Кіричевська, Е.В., Латиш, Н.М., Медведева, Н.В., Москаленко, В.В., Найдьонова, Л.М., Рибалка, В.В., Траверсе, Т.М. and Третяк, Т.М. (2012) Психологічне дослідження творчих перцептивних процесів на різних вікових рівнях: монографія Project Report. Інститут психології імені Г. С. Костюка НАПН України, м. Київ, Україна.


Рибалка, В.В. (2017) Methodological problems of scientific psychology Талком, м. Київ, Україна. ISBN 978-617-7397-40-2

Рибалка, В.В. (2015) Theories of personality in domestic philosophy, psychology and pedagogics ЖДУ ім.І.Франка, м.Житомир, Україна. ISBN 978-966-485-194-4

Рибалка, В.В. (2015) Pedagogy and psychology of a personality labor: principles of creating material and spiritual values Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine. (Unpublished)

Рибалка, В.В. (2014) Psychology and Pedagogy personality’s labor: from child giftedness to adult skills Інститут обдарованої дитини, м.Київ, Україна. ISBN 978-966-2633-38-2

Рибалка, В.В. (2013) Psychology of honor and dignity of a personality Institute of Gifted Child of NAPS of Ukraine, м.Київ, Україна. (Unpublished)

Teaching Resource

- Рибалка, В.В. (2017) Promoting the development of the individual's national and effective civil society through the means of practical psychology [Teaching Resource]

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