The diagnostic features of the problems solving process concerning understanding emotions by preschool children

- Гулько, Ю. А. (2018) The diagnostic features of the problems solving process concerning understanding emotions by preschool children Актуальні проблеми псхології, 24 (12). pp. 58-68. ISSN 2072-4772

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The methodological basis, on which the diagnostics of understanding emotions processes is constructed, in addition to the statement of activity’s problemness or taskness, is the principle of analogizing and alternative reconstruction mental tendencies’ unity. After all, it is known that children understand not only by analogy to what they felt and by analogy to what they know, also understanding can proceed in contrast, through mental and subject-practical inversions, actions-shifters. Experiencing the age crisis, children naturally begin to act the opposite way, trying in vain the possibilities of their social "Self" and assimilating in this way new knowledge about themselves and the world around them, including the world of human emotions. Diagnosis of various tasks solving aimed at complex emotional states understanding by preschoolers can be successfully carried out using the diagnostic part of the CARUS system. This diagnostic system allows us to consider the process of understanding as the process of constructing a certain semantic construct, in which figurative and verbal components are united by semantic connections. The proposed diagnostic work involves two parts. In the first part, the child is offered simple trial tasks, by solving which he displays his general awareness, individual characteristics of mental activity, and also in the process of such work the type of practical activities that the child prefers is defined. In it he will most fully reveal his mental abilities.The second part includes tasks which solution stimulates the child's development of mental actions system aimed at overcoming the interpersonal conflict situation. The mental abilities of children are estimated by a kind: analogizing, combining, reconstruction. And by the level of display: the reproductive level, the level of local changes, and the level of the general constructive change.

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