The method of differentiation time series of motor activity

- Малхазов, Олександр Ромуальдович ( and Осипенко, Сергій Петрович (2015) The method of differentiation time series of motor activity Актуальні проблеми психології. - Том V: Психофізіологія. Психологія праці. Експериментальна психологія (15). pp. 139-166. ISSN 2072-4772


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The lack of clear understanding of the physiological mechanisms of the construction and control over motor activity, behavior as well as knowing about complexity of registration of time microintervals and mathematical treatment of the results led to the development of a fundamentally new method of differentiation of time series and its illustration by means of doing cyclical movements with an index finger of an upper limb of a leading hand and its step by step introduction of its application procedure. The results obtained using the proposed method showed that the activities responsible for the integrative, cyclical, double-ring, matrix and multi-functional systems of construction and control of movements, actions, activities and behavior are provided by five different modes according to their psychophysiological content. The transition from one mode to another, as well as within the chosen mode indicates the presence of significant changes in the activity of the integrative, cyclical, double-ring, matrix, multi-functional system of motor activity regulation beginning with segmental matrices and ending with the operation of the entire system as a whole. Research conducted using the proposed method opens to a scientist broad prospects for a new classification of physiological potential of the individual; the conduct of vocational selection; the diagnostics and identification of the affected parts of the controlling nervous system; the development of new methods of rehabilitation of persons with musculoskeletal system disabilities; the design of mobile devices, simulators, bioprosthesis , biorobots and training highly qualified specialists in different fields and so on.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: time series analysis, integrative psychophysiology, modes of transition, segmental matrices
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Divisions: Institute of Psychology after N.Kostiuk > Department of developmental psychophysiology
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Date Deposited: 27 Jan 2016 11:27
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