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- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Continuous self-development and pedagogical mastership of teachers in postgraduate period Modern information technologies and innovative teaching methods in teacher training: methodology, theory, experience, problems (Scientific Journal), 29 (29). pp. 13-32.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Teaching profession in the context of two paradoxes Professional education: pedagogy and psychology (Polish-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-Polish Yearbook), 14 (14). pp. 83-93. ISSN 2083-2753

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Aesthetic regulatives of pedagogical mastership Aesthetic education of children and young people: theory, practice, prospects (1). pp. 14-23.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Self-determination as a factor in the regulation of teacher pedagogical action Formation and development of scientific and pedagogical schools: problems, experiences, perspectives (Scientific Journal), 1 (1). pp. 357-368.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Existential features of educational action Journal of Cherkaskiy Unіversity, 1 (214). pp. 3-7. ISSN 2076-586х

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Value priorities for teacher training Pedagogical mastership as a system of professional and artistic competence (Materials of the 10 international pedagogical readings of professor O.P.Rudnytska), 4 (8).

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Synergistic parameters pedagogy as determinants of creative learning Creative pedagogy № 5 (Scientific-methodical journal) (5). pp. 7-14.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Technology of pedagogical action in terms of pedagogical mastership Scientific Bulletin of Mykolayiv State University of V.O.Suhomlynsky, 1 (36). pp. 5-12.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) Intuition in life creation and activity-oriented professional burnout personality Psychological and pedagogical problems of teaching actions (Scientific journal) (1). pp. 9-23.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) The power of teaching talent Word about teacher (to the 100th anniversary of the birth A.P.Karyshyn) (1). pp. 10-23.

- Зязюн, Іван Андрійович (2012) There is no pedagogy without teacher Native school, 4 (988). pp. 19-24. ISSN 0131-6788


- Ничкало, Нелля Григорівна ( (2012) The development of peapels capital — strategy of the task of proffetional education Педагогічна і психологічна науки в Україні, 4 (5). pp. 27-43.


- Пономаревський, С.Б. (2012) Policy of Ukraine to ensure the Ukrainian education in the Russian Federation: analytical aspects In: Historical and legal and socio-economic aspects of society (1). Ukrainian-Russian Institute in Chernigiv FSBEI HVE "MSOU by V.Chernomyrdin", м.Чернігів, Україна, pp. 33-36. ISBN 978-966-1647-74-8

- Пономаревський, С.Б. (2012) Ukrainian school in Russia: Reception curriculum New pedagogical ideas, 3 (71). pp. 40-43.

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- Пономаревський, С.Б. (2012) Ukrainian devotees in the making of the Russian education system XVIII century.: Theophanes Prokopovych Visnyk, 7 (242). ISSN 2227-2844

- Пономаревський, С.Б. (2012) Features of the building Ukrainian school in Russia in 1923-1932 years (for example, the central regions) Psycho-pedagogical problems of rural schools, 40 (40). pp. 277-284.


- Радченко, Ю.Л. (2012) Teacher Training in Katerynoslavskyj Region: Theory and History [Teaching Resource]


- Солдатенко, М.М. (2012) Self-education activities as a means of becoming a professional and self-development Професійна освіта: педагогіка і психологія, 14 (14). pp. 383-395.

- Солдатенко, М.М. (2012) Проблеми управління навчально-пізнавальною діяльністю учнів і студентів Професійна освіта: педагогіка і психологія (13). pp. 229-236.

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