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- Замша, А.В. ( (2019) Psychological features of educating of hearing impairment children . (Unpublished)

- Замша, А.В. ( (2019) Features of diagnostics of special educational needs of hearing impairment children Освіта осіб з особливими освітніми потребами: шляхи розбудови. (Unpublished)

- Замша, А.В. (2012) Psychological factor for success of language acquisition Sign Language and Modernity , 1 (7). pp. 5-17.

- Чепчина, І.І., Іванюшева, Н.В. and Замша, А.В. (2011) Implementation and progress of bilingual education as inevitable way for personality development of deaf (historical aspect) Sign Language and Modernity , 1 (6). pp. 145-153.

- Замша, А.В. (2010) Sign Language role for personality development of hearing impairment children Sign Language and Modernity , 1 (5). pp. 238-247.

- Нестеренко, М.В. and Замша, А.В. (2009) Social Stereotypes of Hearing Persons Perception of the Deaf Sign Language and Modernity , 1 (4). pp. 273-292.


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Зборовська, Н.А., Адамюк, Н.Б., Чепчина, І.І., Дробот, О.А., Іванюшева, Н.В., Кульбіда, С.В. (, Замша, А.В. (, Каменська, Н.М., Марчук, Т.Ф., Обухівська, Антоніна Григорівна, Гончаренко, В.М., Скурчинський, В.В., Савченко, О.О., Лаврик, О.А., Борщевська, Л.В., Січкар, Л.І., Рибальченко, М.П. and Зайонц, Н.П. (2011) A child from the world of silence: to help parents of deaf children СПКТБ УТОГ, м. Київ, Україна.

Teaching Resource

- Жук, Т.В. (, Задорожня, Оксана Григорівна (, Замша, А.В. (, Ілляшенко, Т.Д. (, Костенко, Т.М. (, Обухівська, Антоніна Григорівна ( and Якимчук, Г.В. ( (2018) Social rehabilitation and educational programs in the work inclusive-resource centers with the family [Teaching Resource]


- Обухівська, Антоніна Григорівна (, Ілляшенко, Т.Д. (, Жук, Т.В. (, Замша, А.В. (, Каменщук, Т.Д. ( and Якимчук, Г.В. ( (2020) Report on research work "Improvement of scientific and methodological support of activities of inclusive-resource centers in the conditions of social integration of children with special educational needs"(state registration number of the subject № - 0117 Ukrainian Sciencetific and Methodological Centre of Applied Psychology and Social Work, м. Київ, Україна. (Unpublished)

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