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Deformations of the Authentic “Self” as a Factor in the Production of Internal Obstacles in Implementation of the Function of Creative Self-expression

- Ковальчук, Ю.М. ( (2021) Deformations of the Authentic “Self” as a Factor in the Production of Internal Obstacles in Implementation of the Function of Creative Self-expression Education and Development of Gifted Personality, 1 (80). pp. 31-35. ISSN 2309‑3935

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In this article, the author analyzes the influence of authentic “Self” destruction mechanisms on purging internal barriers on gifted individual’s creative potential realization. The starting point of analysis is the author’s idea that defining personal skills for successful creative self-realization is person’s ability to perceive authentically, to experience and express oneself. The essence of authentic perception turns out in the subjective experience of personal caused reflection of events. Obtaining, accumulation and transformation of such experience in the process of individual’s existence causes the appearance and gradual development of the way of perception inherent only to that individual. The identification of oneself with this way of perception creates the core of individual style, his or her psychological reflection of the word and himself /herself in this world. Unrepeatable, inherent only personally to the individual colored sensory sensitivity indicates its authenticity and in such quality is the base of unique way of experiencing and self-expression. Combined with expressive motivational, energetically and instrumentally saturated creative abilities, original capacities of perception, experiencing and self-expression create the construct of active and creative giftedness. Much attention of the content of the article is given to investigation of realities of the process of personal creative skills’formation. The author investigates the influence of the circumstance that for achieving the optimal level of skills’ development could be prevented by specific internal and external facts, which go with the process of giftedness’ development. Empirically they are experienced by gifted individual as conditions, difficulties and barriers that slow down or overlap the dynamic of the self-expression process or cause the feeling of subjective lack of necessary resources and means. The biggest negative influence on development and detection of creative skills cause internal obstacles, through which a huge frustrating power has mechanisms of personal braking and oppression. Their resistant influence through the time on development the dynamic of individual’s giftedness potential causes the appearance of phenomenon called “Oppressed Self” that starts to operate as a powerful and constantly active mechanism of production of internal barriers in the processes of synthesis and development of individual’s abilities. With the emergence of “Oppressed self” happens the functional direction reverse of abilities system work: instead of creation of free steam to make something new, creative mechanisms start to provide internal barriers, particularly psychological barriers which suppress revitalization process and expression and substantive use of abilities. The following resilience of such internal state escalates the processes of oppression and causes “irradiation” of inhibition and its neuropsychological consolidation in its capacity as cognitive correlates, affective and behavioral strategies of self-expression.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: giftedness; personal abilities; self; deformations of self; internal obstacles; professional training of artists
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