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Psychological strategies as means of implementation of individual and collective adaptation to the consequences of armed conflict

- Коробка, Лариса Миколаївна ( (2018) Psychological strategies as means of implementation of individual and collective adaptation to the consequences of armed conflict Наукові студії із соціальної та політичної психології, 41 (44). pp. 46-56. ISSN 2309-8287

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In accordance with the results of generalization and systematization of theoretical and empirical study the model of strategies for communityadaptation is presented and their psychological matter as means of realization of individual and collective adaptation to the conditions and consequences of a military conflict is defined. The military conflict influence on people’s vital activity is identified as a socially traumatic one; in the process of adapting to its conditions and consequences the different models of adaptation, which means of implementation are the psychological strategies, were formed. It is shown that under influence of military conflict conditions and consequences the subject of adaptation makes attempts to comprehend them, to focus and mobilize the inducing efforts, what lead either to the use of generally accepted stereotyped behaviour patterns, the use of conservative-routine strategies and the implementation of a so-called routine adaptation model (which is successful due to the conservation of existing experience, or unsuccessful due to the maladaptive manifestations, helplessness, lack of experience, etc.), or to the need in continuation of the adaptation process, in search for new ways of solving the problem, new strategies; to active conscious search of new possibilities; to fulfilment of unrealized potential and revelation of hidden capabilities; to selection of proactive behaviour patterns which are internally conditioned and appear in ability to resist the external influence and actively affect it, and to focus on the future; to development of proactive-transformational psychological strategies. With the help of the mentioned above a model of proactive adaptation is applied – either effective one (which implementation leads to the acquisition of positive experience, readiness for further development, achieving a higher level of functioning in certain areas, focusing on the development of new strengths and resources of adaptation), or ineffective one (when the adaptation took place, but had required significant efforts and led to the resources exhaustion, which may induce either the use of conservative-routine strategies, or, after the restoration and reaching the mobilization stage, the change and development of other, proactive-transformation, strategies).

Item Type: Article
Keywords: adaptation, collective adaptation strategies, consequences of a military conflict, model of community adaptation strategies.
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Divisions: The Institute of Social and Political Psychology > Department of Mass and Community Psychology
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