Modeling the personage’s fictional consciousness in the philosophical drama of Ya. Mamontov “When the people liberate themselves”

- Атаманчук, Вікторія Петрівна ( (2022) Modeling the personage’s fictional consciousness in the philosophical drama of Ya. Mamontov “When the people liberate themselves” Науковий вісник Міжнародного гуманітарного університету. Серія: Філологія (56). pp. 171-174. ISSN 2409-1154

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The article is devoted to the study of means and artistic construction of the consciousness of the actors in the play “When the people liberate themselves” by Ya. Mamontov. The parameters of modeling the fictional consciousness of the personages as a phenomenon that changes under the influence of external circumstances and internal experience, which contribute to the formation of new levels of understanding of the heroes, are analyzed; the correlations between the fictional consciousness of the personages and the external fictional world is traced at the level of the actions performed by the characters in the space of the fictional world of the drama. The genre features of the philosophical drama in the play by the playwright are outlined: a double largescale conflict that encompasses opposing forces; the image of the dramatic hero Albert, whose fictional consciousness affects the development of the action in the literary work; a set of events that lead to a paradigm shift in the self-awareness of the entire nation; comprehension of artistic problems through the construction of abstract generalizations that represent the functioning of ideas as complex mental constructions. It was outlined that the reflection of the fictional consciousness of the personages in the drama is determined by artistic abstractions that aggregate all images, phenomena, processes that appear as formed fragments of artistic reality in the literary work and as reflections in the perception of the personages. It is proven that the playwright represents the distinction between the consciousness of the protagonist, other personages, and the mass consciousness, reproducing various forms of their interaction and opposition, which affect the unfolding of dramatic situations, and their different significance at different time intervals. It is determined that the fictional consciousness of the protagonist constructs the development of events in the drama, since the personage formulates ideas, in accordance with which he performs actions that change the contours of political and social phenomena in the drama. The peculiarities of self-identification of characters and their reflection in the perception of other personages of the drama as appropriate ways of fixing internal transformational processes are outlined. The fictional consciousness of the personage in the drama is considered as the ability to constantly change awareness over time, which occurs as a result of understanding the internal processes and external realities of fictional reality as dynamic systems. It was determined that time coordinates appear as attributes of the constantly changing experience of the personage’s fictional consciousness, since the playwright coordinated the internal transformations in the fictional consciousness of the characters with the movement of time, which determined and fixed external and internal changes.

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Keywords: personage, personage’s fictional consciousness, personage’s fictional consciousness representation, dramatic action, dramatic conflict.
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