A work of art as a subject of study in the textbook "Foreign literature. 5th grade"

- Снегирева, В. В. (orcid.org/0000-0003-0376-5968) (2022) A work of art as a subject of study in the textbook "Foreign literature. 5th grade" Проблеми сучасного підручника (28). pp. 170-176. ISSN 2411-1309

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The article reveals the features of work on the text of a work of art in the textbook “Foreign Literature. 5th grade” from the standpoint of implementation of the State Standard of Basic Secondary Education (2020). The author’s methodical model of literary text processing is offered, directed on mastering by students of elements of its analysis and interpretation, mastering of receptions of research and creative activity, formation of communicative and sociocultural competencies. The methodological basis of the study are the main provisions of the State Standard of Basic Secondary Education, goals and objectives of the model curriculum “Foreign Literature. Grades 5–6” (adaptation cycle). The methodological model of analysis and interpretation of a literary text proposed in the textbook is based on the idea of cultural dialogue with a work of art, substantiated in the works of M. Bakhtin, V. Bibler, etc., which involves interaction between the author and his reader (viewer or listener). According to these scholars, any work of culture exists not only because it was created by the author, but also because it is (in its own way) understood by the recipient. Thus, the reader takes an active part in the dialogue and the generation of the meaning of the work of art. In order for such a dialogue to take place at the school level, a mediator is needed between the author of the work and the student as a reader. In the lesson, this role is performed by the teacher, and in the textbook – the author of the textbook. To form a competent reader, it is important that the main form of presentation of a work of art in the textbook was not a story about him, not the analysis of the work by the author of the textbook, but joint – students and author of the textbook – work on the text, their dialogue aimed at understanding the work. This is how the textual activity in our new textbook “Foreign Literature. 5th grade” (authors Natalia Kadobyanska, Larisa Udovychenko, Valentуna Sniehirova). The questions and tasks offered in the textbook lead the reader from direct perception of the work to in-depth, create favorable conditions for the experience of immersion in the literary text, develop the ability to dialogue with the text, comment on its fragments, express their thoughts and impressions. The methodical model of studying a literary text presented in the textbook correlates with modern strategies of interactive reading and communication, is focused on the development of various aspects of the reader’s activity and promotes the transition of each student to higher levels of artistic perception.

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Keywords: reading, literary text, reader, reading activity, reading competence, analysis, task system, textbook.
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