Parasocial media effects

- Чаплінська, Юлія Сергіївна ( (2020) Parasocial media effects Психологічний часопис. Серія: Психологія, 4 (6). pp. 64-74. ISSN 2414-004X

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This article is a generalization of theoretical analysis of scientific research on the topic of parasocial theory. In article, the author separates key concepts of parasocial theory such as parasocial interaction, parasocial relationships and gives a brief description of them. It describes rare for parasocial research phenomenon of parasocial processing. It is generated while watching, does not lead to the formation neither of parasocial interaction nor parasocial relationships, but on the cognitive, emotional and behavioral levels media consumers demonstrate reactions to media persons or on their certain phrases or actions. On the basis of theoretical analysis, synthesis and generalization of world scientific achievements, the author presents ten of the most common among consumers media effects within parasocial theory. Media effects demonstrate various options of consequences (from emotional to behavioral) for the audience with formed parasocial relationships. Author divides media effects on such groups. The illusory effects when young people while watching experience something that does not actually exist, (Effect of parasocial presence, Effect of paraidentification, Effect of virtual and reversed parasocial projection) The effects of emotional bias when people emotionally immersed in a relationship with media figure, starts to think of them as of a real person (when they are not) and consequently on emotional level media consumer stops to take them objectively or analyze the actions of celebrities (Effect of paraempathy, Effect of parasocial belonging, Effect of media figure perception). The effects of personal ideology changes, when people under the influence of parasocial relationship change their opinions or values (Effect of parasocial contact, Effect of self-concept modification). Behavioral effects when the presence of parasocial relations are changing person behavioral patterns and adds a new ones (Effect of fans paracreativity, Effect of the consumer behavior of followers, Effect of self-concept modification). It is also important to note that each of the described effects cannot be considered as positive or negative as it all depends on the context of the personal circumstances.

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Keywords: mass communication; media effects; parasocial relationship.
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