Psychological features of expectations and attitudes regarding interaction of group-members of the newly-formed groups

- Коробанова, О.Л. ( (2016) Psychological features of expectations and attitudes regarding interaction of group-members of the newly-formed groups Наукові студії із соціальної та політичної психології. ISSN 2309-8287

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The article presents a model of the role communication based on theoretical analysis of the latest research in the group psychology, interaction and communication. In this article the inner world indexes of the interaction subjects, who make basis for interaction regulation with the focus on the attitudes to the other group-members, as well as their expectations were determined. Common interaction area related to personalizations, which the interaction participants fill with their own meanings was described. The role aspects of the psychology of interaction, which made possible to accentuate status-positional, distance, emotional and value-expectation aspects upon role-communication modeling have been generalized. Presented were the results of the first stage of empirical research of expectations and attitudes with regard to group-interaction on the initial stages of group development. The core characteristics of specific features of manifestation and reflection of the inner world of a personality upon communication with the others were also determined. It was established that some expectations and attitudes differ depending on positions, which young people stand for. However, comparing certain features and manifestations young people do not make any differences in their attitudes and expectations regardless to their positions. The article shows an attempt to characterize both inner and outer circumscriptions of the personal borders, as well as their indications. It is affirmed that amid these were inclusion into interaction, personalization and group identity. The core characteristics of the personal-role interaction modeling in terms of a role repertoire have been exposed.

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Keywords: small group, group interaction, mutual expectations, attitudes, newly-formed group
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Divisions: The Institute of Social and Political Psychology > Laboratory for Psychology of Small Groups and Inter-Group Relations
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