Social mechanics of anomie production: discursive dimension

- Кочубейник, Ольга Миколаївна ( (2018) Social mechanics of anomie production: discursive dimension Наукові студії із соціальної та політичної психології, 4 (41). pp. 92-104.

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It is studied the social mechanics of the anomie production, which is feasible within the framework of the discursive dimension. The relevance of the study is based on the fact that society under military conflict has the danger of its moral standards destruction. The axiological attestations appear to be extremely fragmented according to the discourses of separated identities. This state of affairs leads to the impossibility of such constructs functioning as “solidarity”, “consolidation”, “unity of goals”, “mutual trust”. There are considered the main provisions of the theory of anomie by R. Merton. However, this theory is supplemented by the provisions of social constructionism, and the mechanics of the anomie emergence relates to the loss of discursive control by elites. It is described the five phases of social production of anomie which ultimately lead to the emergence of infantile society. The basis of the process is the emergence of new unregulated practices that direct social life to an “adaptation with a decline”, that is, to a simplified-primitive social attitudes. Some of these practices are conflicted with fundamental values and a mission of dominant discourse. At the same time these practices work as triggers of group polarization processes, what essentially leads to the emergence of ersatz-elites. Ersatz-elite can be described as conditional social group which entering the social arena with a special mission to meet their own needs. The dominance of ersatz-elites leads to a weakening of the mechanisms of formal and informal control, the volatility of estimation criteria, the habituation of social practices, which are the contrary to moral and ethical conventions, and, ultimately, to the infantile society. The author makes conclusion that radical social changes are only the prerequisites, on the background of which the primitivization of social attitudes and the fragmentation of axiological attestations have occured. It means that anomie, being usually determined personally, is such state of society in which it is hard to provide the corrections.

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Keywords: Key words: axiological attestation, responsibility, privileges, infantile society, hegemony of discourse, ersatz-elite.
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