Contradictions of the adaptation process in human development

- Ліпін, М.В. ( (2018) Contradictions of the adaptation process in human development Pedagogical innovations: ideas, realities, perspectives, 1 (20). pp. 107-113. ISSN 2413-4139


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The article explores the place of adaptation discourse in the context of the problem of human development. On the example of the theoretical work by J. Piaget and O. Leontiev we reveal the inherent tendency of adapting the discourse to naturalize the human way of being. The contradiction between the adaptive and creative ways of human existence and the organization of education is analyzed. The concept of "adaptation" is substantiated, which in one case is defined as a sociopsychological process that under favorable circumstances leads the person to a state of adaptability, and under other ones tends to converge biological and psychological parameters of human existence. Consequently, the specifics of the mental and social "prisoner in the muddy waters" leads to biological reduction of the fundamentals of human existence. At the present stage of distribution, an appeal to the socio-psychological adaptation of individuals to living conditions within a fluid, indefinite present arises. Analysis of the discourse of adaptation makes it possible to find an interesting pattern - most of researches on this problem are devoted to the study of social and psychological adaptation of people as belonging to the so-called socially unprotected or vulnerable strata of society (preschoolers, students, students, prisoners, young families, etc.). Thus, the study of adaptation is updated in connection with people who either lost a certain place in the social structure or have not yet acquired it. Particularly often, adaptation mechanisms are considered in the context of educational problems, which is logical in the context of its comprehensive crisis. The study of extent and significance of the discourse of adaptation in pedagogical activity enables one to identify the role that the institute of education plays in society, those tasks which it sets itself.

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